Personal Fitness at Luxury Rehab

Personal fitness is one of the major components of the luxury rehab experience. Many people come into luxury rehab in pretty bad shape. Drugs and alcohol take a toll on the body. Also, in addiction, most people do not get proper nutrition or exercise. So the body is not getting what it needs, and it is also being damaged by the drugs and alcohol.

Personal fitness at luxury rehab aims to build a solid foundation for recovery by focusing on physical fitness as well as mental fitness. Personal fitness at luxury rehab is important because it sets the stage for a healthy lifestyle after treatment. Studies have shown that addicts and alcoholics who exercise and eat right have better long term success in recovery. It’s all about creating new, healthy activities and habits and getting rid of destructive tendencies.

Exercise releases endorphins, which are feel-good chemicals. This is  especially important to individuals at luxury rehab because they are often lacking in endorphins. Drugs and alcohol produce a false sense of euphoria. The brain produces a surge of “pleasure chemicals” when they are used. Over time, the brain adapts and produces fewer chemicals when drugs and alcohol are present, and even less when they are not. This is why long-term drug users develop a tolerance to drugs and alcohol over time. They find that it takes more of the drug to produce the same effect. Likewise, when they stop taking drugs and alcohol suddenly, they experience withdrawal symptoms like craving and depression. Exercise causes the body to produce pleasure chemicals, which are very low in addicts and alcoholics after the detox process. It can reduce both the duration and intensity of withdrawal symptoms.

You will have access to many ways to improve your personal fitness at luxury rehab. State of the art gym facilities and personal trainers will be at your disposal, as well as yoga classes and massage.  In addition, personal fitness, luxury rehabs include gourmet options with nutritious food and supplemental vitamins and minerals.

Personal fitness at luxury rehab aims to improve body image as well. Many people in drug treatment have low self-esteem. Low self-esteem is considered to be the number one cause of drug and alcohol addiction. Exercise can change a negative self-perception into a positive one. It can promote a healthy way of thinking about oneself, which can improve chances of recovery.

Personal fitness at luxury rehab is also part of overall holistic health. At luxury rehab, you will receive treatment for all three facets of the disease of addiction: mind, body, and spirit. Personal fitness at luxury rehab improves your physical health obviously, but it also is beneficial to your mind and spiritual health as well. Holistic medicine understands that to truly recover, you must treat the whole person. Personal fitness at luxury rehab is an integral part of overall holistic health. It sets the stage for a healthy, happy future free of the use of drugs and alcohol. Addicts who are healthy and happy in sobriety stay sober longer.

Food Options at Luxury Rehabs

For many drug and alcohol users, drug and alcohol abuse made food either an indulgence or a rarity. Food was no longer a pleasure but a necessity. When you choose to go to a luxury rehab, period you want to know that your supreme tastes and cuisine preferences will be catered to. Gourmet food options at luxury rehab awaken the palate with sensual flavors. Food options at luxury rehab will remind you of how good life can be without drugs and alcohol. Catering to make your favorite meals our gourmet food is the best of the best because that is what you deserve. Not only will the food options at luxury rehab awaken the senses again it will also give each person the best nutrition, allowing you to become healthy and active again while indulging yourself in the delights of elegant gourmet food.

Food options at a luxury rehab are always gourmet dining experiences, and foods that are both very healthy and extremely delicious and satisfying at the same time. A nutritionist may be provided at a luxury rehab to help you plan your meals and dietary needs, and to find out what your food preferences and options are. This step is important to heal the physical damage that addiction has caused, and to help you get back into the best possible physical shape.

Food options at a luxury rehab are only one of the things that set a luxury treatment center apart from all the rest. Food options can include any dietary or nutrition needs and include only the finest ingredients.

When using and drinking our nutrition and dietary choices slowly declined because we cared less and less about our bodies. This is why a luxury rehab offers so many food options. Luxury rehab offers food options because they realize the importance of nutrition. Each person has different nutritional needs and each person has unique tastes when it comes to food. So therefore luxury rehab has food options to not only give each person the food they like but also the food that is going to give them the best overall sense of well-being.

The point of luxury rehab is still to help each individual to recover from their alcoholism or addiction but this doesn’t mean you need to skimp on the quality of your food. Food options at luxury rehab are so much better, diverse and delicious in comparison to the average rehab that there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to find whatever delights your taste buds. Food options at luxury rehab are part of the individualized plan to help each person find the road to success when it comes to overcoming their addiction and alcoholism. Food options at luxury rehab are just one of the multiple benefits to choosing an above and beyond kind of treatment for you or your loved one.

Food options at luxury rehab are always available. Why shouldn’t you have everything catered to you down to the very ingredients of your meals? You should! That’s why there are food options at luxury rehab.

Luxury Recovery Centers

Luxury recovery centers are one-stop, luxurious addiction treatment facilities that have everything you need to recover in absolute security and ease. Luxury recovery centers know how difficult it can be to recover from addiction. They aim to provide everything you need in a secluded, serene atmosphere, so you can focus completely on healing.

Luxury recovery centers maximize the ease and comfort of the experience of getting sober. With above and beyond treatments, accommodations, and service, luxury recovery centers are the way to get clean and sober in style and comfort. Here is a list of things that set luxury recovery centers apart:

1.) The most qualified addiction therapists: One of the most important benefits of luxury recovery centers is the quality of their caregivers. Luxury recovery centers employ only the best and most qualified addiction experts to work with you.

2.) Personalized treatment: Many traditional alcohol rehabs simply have too many clients to be able to give everyone an individualized experience. Luxury recovery centers will design a program based on your needs and give you ample one-on-one attention.

3.) Gourmet food: Luxury recovery centers recognize that to truly recover from this damaging disease, you must lay the groundwork for a healthy lifestyle. Luxury recovery centers have quality, fresh food available and in most cases personal chefs and catered meals. They also offer vitamin therapy and fresh fruit infusions to help you get back to your optimum level of health.

4.) Privacy: Luxury recovery centers recognize the need for complete confidentiality when they cater to clients. Since they cater to high profile individuals such as pro-athletes, business executives, celebrities, and politicians, luxury recovery centers understand that absolute discretion is paramount.

5.) Alternative treatment: Many traditional treatment centers do not have the resources to offer the wide range of treatment options that are available at luxury recovery centers. Luxury recovery centers offer amenities like acupuncture, aromatherapy, spa services, equine therapy, and massage. Luxury recovery centers recognize that addiction is a 3-fold disease. To truly recover, all of the facets of the disease must be addressed. Research has shown that even a single alternative therapy integrated into the treatment experience can triple the rates of successful sobriety.

5.) Accommodations: Luxury recovery centers allow you to recover in the most elegant surroundings. They offer private, luxurious housing with beautiful, serene views and a staff to cater to your every need. Luxury recovery centers recognize the importance of comfort and quiet when you are trying to recover from this insidious disease. You will have all the comforts of home and more.

6.) Inspiration and motivation: Luxury recovery centers realize that in order to build a strong, healthy future, you must lay down the groundwork while in treatment. They offer you opportunities to further your education, family programs to repair your relationship with your loved ones, and life and relationship coaches to help you further your personal and professional goals.

Luxury recovery centers are truly a worthwhile investment. They will help you build a solid foundation for which to build a life free of drugs and alcohol. It is no wonder that luxury recovery centers have a higher success rate than traditional treatment. They are able to provide the tools you need for a healthy, happy, and productive future.