Luxury Rehab Client Concierge

Luxury Rehab Client Concierge

Luxury Rehab Client Concierge

In some ways, the luxury rehab experience is similar to staying at a high end hotel. The lavish accommodations, serene setting, amenities, and gourmet food will leave you feeling relaxed and able to focus completely on your recovery. Another service that will be offered to you is the luxury rehab client concierge.

The luxury rehab client concierge is similar to a hotel concierge. If you’re coming in from out of state the luxury rehab client concierge will take care of all your travel arrangements. From your transportation to the airport, to the first-class flight, to the limo service that will pick you up and take you to the luxury rehab, the luxury rehab client concierge will take care of everything. You will travel to luxury rehab in comfort and style.

When you arrive at luxury rehab, there is no need to worry about waiting in line or for insurance to approve medical treatments. Part of the services of luxury rehab client concierge is to ensure that your care is our first priority. The luxury rehab client concierge will ensure that everything is taken care of so that you can focus on healing.

At luxury rehabs it is understood that some clients will need to be in contact with the business world while they are receiving treatment. Luxury rehabs cater to executives and celebrities and take their privacy very seriously. The luxury rehab client concierge will be available for any of your business needs while you are in treatment. They can assist you with anything you need.

A luxury rehab client concierges’ only job is to make sure your stay is comfortable and to be your personal assistant throughout your rehabilitation.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your treatment, the luxury rehab client concierge will be at your service. At luxury rehabs, you are treated as a person not just a patient and your rehabilitation is top priority. When you arrive at a luxury rehab, your treatment plan will be designed specifically for you and your needs. During your stay, your personalized treatment plan will continue to be tailored to you should your needs change. The luxury rehab client concierge will assist you with finding the perfect treatment plan for you.

The luxury rehab concierge will also help you take advantage of all the additional programs that are offered. Luxury treatment centers realize that in order to build a strong, healthy future, you must lay down the groundwork while in treatment. They offer you opportunities to further your education, family programs to repair your relationship with your loved ones, and life and relationship coaches to help you further your personal and professional goals.

Luxury recovery rehabilitation treatment centers maximize the ease and comfort of getting sober. The luxury rehab client concierge will be there to assist you every step of the way. They will take care of all your needs and wants so that you are able to focus completely on recovery. Luxury rehab client concierges offer top of the line, personalized service.

Do Luxury Rehabs Get In The Way of Real Recovery?

Luxury Rehab and Real Recovery

Luxury Rehab and Real Recovery

Luxury rehab is the kind of rehabilitation center where you find top notch accomodations, plush surroundings, beautiful scenery, and a lavish sense of comfort. With all these things in accordance, a luxury rehab can sometimes be labeled as more of  a vacation than a place where real recovery is taking place. You may even ask yourself, do luxury rehabs get in the way of real recovery?

Well the answer is no. Real recovery happens at any and all drug rehabilitation centers regardless of whether or not they are luxurious. As long as the rehab center in question provides rehabilitation methods and therapies that are shown to provide recovery within addicts then the level of “luxury” should not matter. Luxury rehabs can only get in the way of real recovery if their focus is less on helping you find a true sense of well-being and more on offering you a vacation spot. The best luxury rehabs can do both but can keep the focus on real recovery.

The way that luxury rehabs don’t get the in the way of real recovery is by offering holistic treatments that are plush, lavish but also superbly fundamental in spiritual, mental, and physical health. The kinds of treatments that can help you find real recovery while also experiencing a new level of comfort are:

  • Acupuncture
  • Aromatherapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Chiropractic Care

These things provided by a luxury rehab sound like they might get in the way of real recovery but really they are all holistic treatments that are meant to put the mind, body and spirit at well-being again. The mind, body and spirit being at ease is something no addict and alcoholic experiences while they are still drinking and using drugs.

Luxury rehab also makes sure that while they make your stay flawless and effortless that you also put the work in for your recovery so that the extra comforts don’t get in the way of real recovery. Luxury rehabs do this by offering all the relaxing holistic treatments while also incorporating special groups and classes run by the best of the best in the addiction and drug rehabilitation industry. Individual therapy, relapse prevention, the science of addiction and recovery, and superbly forward thinking therapies that are modern and new age make sure that all the luxury of luxury rehab doesn’t get in the way of what is really important and that is real recovery.

If you are worried that luxury rehab can get in the way of real recovery than you might want to take a look at the program a luxury rehab provides. Luxury rehabs while they are definitely about providing an exclusive and elegant experience for you are at their fundamental basis offering you something you can’t put a price tag on with their ultramodern, highest quality treatment program that can give you the tools to get sober and remain sober for the rest of your life. What’s the point of luxury rehab if it gets in the way of real recovery? Luxury rehabs just want to make sure you are comfortable, relaxed and can find a sense of ease while you put in the work to change your life for good.

Luxury Drug Treatment Chicago

Luxury Drug Treatment Chicago

Luxury Drug Treatment Chicago

Chicago, the windy city, is home to numerous tourist attractions, cultural events, and entertainment. It offers beautiful views, world-class dining, and tons of leisure activities. However, Chicago is also a major hub for drug distribution and trafficking in the United States. Chicago-based street gangs use the cities prime location and transportation system to distribute drugs throughout the city and beyond. Crack cocaine is by far the city’s biggest drug problem. The number of people seeking treatment for crack addiction has doubled in the last twenty years. But heroin comes in a close second in Chicago, mainly because of its rise in popularity among wealthy suburbanites.

Every year, thousands of Chicago residents seek treatment for drug abuse and addiction. Because of the recent surge in heroin use among the city’s affluent, some Chicago residents are looking for a higher class treatment center. That is where luxury drug treatment Chicago comes in.

As society’s awareness and acceptance of addiction evolves, so have the range of treatment programs. Drab, hospital-like rehab centers aren’t the only option anymore. Luxury drug treatment Chicago offers a different experience than traditional rehab centers. At luxury drug treatment Chicago, you will be ensconced in a serene, comfortable environment while you focus completely on your recovery.

Luxury drug treatment Chicago is designed to allow you to recover in the most plush and luxurious setting possible. Luxury drug treatment Chicago offers private, lavish accommodations, far from the stress of your daily life. Gourmet food, yoga, golf, spa services and massage are just a few of the amenities offered at a luxury drug treatment center.

Luxury drug treatment Chicago also caters to fewer clients than traditional rehab centers. This allows the centers to give you more personal attention and to design a treatment program that is just right for you. When you arrive at luxury drug treatment Chicago, your own personal addiction treatment expert will carefully assess your needs. When it comes to drug addiction, no two people have the same experience; every person’s story is different. Thus no two people have the same needs when it comes to drug treatment. That is why luxury drug treatment Chicago focuses on your specific issues and concerns. They treat you like the individual you are and are able to design a program which will give you the best chance of success and lasting sobriety.

Luxury drug treatment Chicago recognizes the need for complete confidentiality when they cater to clients. Since they cater to high profile individuals such as pro-athletes, business executives, celebrities, and politicians, luxury recovery centers understand that absolute discretion is paramount. When you attend luxury drug treatment Chicago, you can rest assured that your privacy will be protected completely. No one will know that you are seeking treatment for drug and/or alcohol addiction unless you want them to.

Luxury drug treatment Chicago also has higher success rate than traditional rehab centers. They allow you to focus completely on your recovery with no outside stress. The treatment at luxury drug treatment Chicago is much more personalized and intimate than in traditional drug treatment centers.


Luxury accommodations and real world therapy

When you attend a luxury treatment center that has luxury accommodations and real world therapy you might think that recovery somehow is as easy as one, two, three. The thing about luxury treatment is that while the accommodations may be comfortable, relaxing, nourishing and elegant that doesn’t mean that getting well is going to be. Getting sober is not an easy thing to do if you have struggled with addiction and alcoholism, regardless of how nice your surroundings are. All luxury treatment can do is make sure that your accommodations and life while in rehab are as luxurious as possible; it can’t get you sober. What will get you sober involves more than physical accommodations and luxuries. Sobriety is about finding a power higher than yourself (spiritual or not) that will free you from your addiction and put you on the path to recovery.

When a luxury treatment provides you with luxury accommodations and real world therapy that means they are going to provide you with the best housing, food, activities possible but they are also going to provide you with serious and profound therapy to make sure you can get sober and stay sober for the rest of your life. The whole point of coming to a luxury treatment center and experiencing their luxury accommodations would be void and null if it couldn’t help you stay sober.

Addiction is unbiased. It affects anyone, regardless of their wealth. If you’re able to afford to a treatment center that will cater to your needs on a higher scale than the standard treatment center then you should know that it will definitely help you feel more comfortable externally but it is no vacation. Luxury rehabs are set up so that you don’t have to worry about feeling out of place from what you’re used to. Special accommodations help you to feel comfortable and less stressed during your stay.

The ‘real-world’ therapy you’ll receive and participate is meant to get you to reach sobriety. Having access to monetary resources that fuel your addiction make it hard to quit and the therapies that you’ll participate in will help you manage that part of your life so that you stop using drugs and alcohol for good and invest your money elsewhere.

You have to understand that while the luxury accommodations are meant to help you find ease and comfort, the real world therapy is meant for you to find the solution to your addiction and alcoholism. You would not have come to a luxury rehab merely for the luxury accommodations-you can go on vacation for that. You came to luxury drug rehab to get luxury accommodations and real world therapy. No one signs up for luxury rehab just to experience the amenities it has to offer but to find a way out from the grips of their addiction and alcoholism. That’s why luxury rehab has real world therapy in place to put the dark of your addiction and alcoholism behind you for good.

Really the point here is that while luxury accommodations are nice it’s not about that. Rehab is about the work, effort, and real world therapy that is offered for improvement of your health. You’re not in rehab to have a nice time even though you will at a luxury treatment center; you are in rehab to get well, to have a sense of well-being, to find peace, to get your life back, and to find the solution and get the help you could not have gotten on your own.