Does an employer have to offer drug rehab before termination?

Does an employer have to offer drug rehab before termination?

Some experts estimate that 2/3 of all people suffering from drug addiction are employed. There are federal laws that protect individuals who suffer from addiction, but there are exceptions. Basically, if you are currently using drugs and alcohol, you do not have many protections. However, if you voluntarily seek drug and alcohol treatment, your job will be protected.

Does an employer have to offer drug rehab before termination? Americans with Disabilities Act

In general terms, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects an employee from disability discrimination is the employee has a disability and the employee is qualified for his or her position with or without reasonable accommodation. Note that ADA only applies to an employer that has more than 15 employees.

Chemical dependency is considered a disability. However, there is an exception for employees that are currently abusing drugs and/or alcohol. If the drug and alcohol use affects job performance, that can be grounds for termination. Basically, the law looks to the moment of actual termination to determine whether the employee is a current drug or alcohol abuser. It does not look at past transgressions due to drug and alcohol abuse. So if a person seeks drug and alcohol treatment voluntarily before they are fired, they cannot be fired for past errors or omissions due to drug and alcohol use.

So the short answer is no. Your employer does not have to offer drug rehab before termination. If you voluntarily seek drug rehab before termination, however, your job will be protected. Also, your employer must accommodate you if you are seeking treatment for drug and alcohol dependency.

The ADA also protects new employees. Potential employers are not allowed to ask about past drug or alcohol abuse or treatment for drug and or alcohol dependency.

Does an employer have to offer drug rehab before termination? FMLA

While your employer does not have to offer drug rehab before termination, you cannot be penalized for asking for leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act in order to attend substance abuse treatment. If you are granted leave under this act and are receiving treatment, you cannot be fired during this time. Also, when you come back, you are guaranteed a position at the same level of salary and benefits as you had before you took the leave. Absences because of an employee’s use of a substance, rather than for treatment, do not qualify for FMLA leave.

Does an employer have to offer drug rehab before termination? Current drug use vs. Past Drug Use

If you are currently abusing drugs and alcohol, you do not have many protections under the law. That is why it is best to seek treatment voluntarily, especially if your addiction is affecting your job performance. Your employer does not have to offer drug rehab before termination if you are messing up on the job because of alcohol and drug use. Also, they can fire you if you fail a drug test. So, don’t wait! Get help today!

Women’s Luxury Treatment Programs

Women’s Luxury Treatment Programs

Luxury treatment programs are designed for the comfort of the individual. At a luxury treatment center, it is not uncommon for the individual to live in accommodations that rival those found in four or five-star resorts. A women’s treatment program focuses on the issues that affect women specifically. Women are underrepresented in most treatment centers, because women have a harder time reaching out for help. Women’s luxury treatment programs combine the two. They feature state of the art, luxurious facilities combined with programs that focus on women’s issues.

Women’s Luxury Treatment Programs: Comfort and Security

A gender-specific treatment center for women is a place where a woman can heal, gain strength from her peers and rebuild her life so that she can once again become a fully functioning part of her family or rebuild her career. In women’s luxury treatment programs, staff works hard to minimize any outside stress in a woman’s life. They provide luxury meals, laundry service, and round-the-clock cleaning services. Moreover, no one needs to know you are in women’s luxury treatment programs unless you want them to. You will be completely ensconced in the most luxurious surroundings so you have the best opportunity to heal and grow.

Women’s Luxury Treatment Programs: The Treatment

At women’s luxury treatment programs, women address core issues related to their addiction such as self-image problems, co-dependent relationships and the pressures associated with “having it all.” Many women are plagued by feelings of guilt and shame when it comes to addiction. They think they are alone. Women’s luxury treatment programs allow you to connect and bond with other women who suffer from addiction. They focus on the issues specific to women.

Women’s Luxury Treatment Programs: Underlying or Dual Diagnosis

Women’s luxury treatment programs are equipped to address some of the underlying causes of drug or alcohol addiction that are commonly experienced by women. These could include eating disorders, depression, anxiety, sexual abuse, or shopping addiction. While men also experience these issues, it is less common than with women. By addressing these co-occurring disorders, women’s luxury treatment programs can give you a higher likelihood of long-term recovery. Studies have conclusively shown that women have a better chance of long-term recovery in women’s only treatment programs.

Women’s Luxury Treatment Programs: Nutrition and Fitness

For long lasting recovery, women must learn how to have a healthy life-style. At women’s luxury treatment programs, treatment is geared towards the nutritional and fitness needs of women. Having gourmet, healthy food options, yoga, massage, and women’s fitness experts on staff are just a few of the benefits of women’s luxury treatment programs. You will have access to the most state of the art equipment, the most skilled fitness experts, and a nutritionist who will design a healthy eating plan just for you. Women’s only treatment programs are set up to pamper you. You will have access to extensive spa treatments, including massage, aromatherapy, steam baths, exfoliating scrubs, facials, colonics, manicures, etc. Women’s only treatment centers provide you with all the amenities of a five star resort.

Signs Your Addiction is Ruining Your Life

Signs Your Addiction is Ruining Your Life

Signs Your Addiction is Ruining Your Life

Addiction is a destructive disease. It can rip through your life like a tornado, destroying everything in its wake or the destruction can be slower, more insidious. You may not even realize your addiction is ruining your life until you look back and see everything you have lost. It is the nature of the addict to continue using even when their addiction is ruining their life.  Maybe you are afraid to face reality; maybe you just didn’t recognize the signs that your addiction was ruining your life. It becomes too easy to rationalize the destruction or blame others for what has happened. Whatever the case, you don’t have to continue to let your addiction ruin your life. You can take action. There is hope.

Signs Your Addiction is Ruining Your Life: Be honest with yourself

First, it’s time for you to take stock of your life. It may be painful, but to recover, you need to really know that you have a problem and to recognize that your addiction is ruining your life. It’s also important to note that not everyone’s idea of “ruin” looks the same. One person may be living under a bridge before they really recognize the signs. Someone else may still have a job and a home, but they may be massively in debt or have ruined their relationships with their loved ones. They may be able to convince themselves that their addiction has not ruined their lives because they are still employed, still married, or they still have a home. They point to the few things in their life that are still intact and hold onto the idea that they don’t need help. This denial can be dangerous and it can prevent some addicts and alcoholics from getting the help that they desperately need.

There is no recovery without honesty. You cannot reach out for help if you cannot admit to yourself that you need it. It’s important to realize that you do not have to continue letting your addiction ruin your life. If you get help now, you can stop the destruction before it gets really bad; but only if you’re honest with yourself.

Signs Your Addiction is Ruining Your Life: Don’t be afraid to ask for help

It is not shameful to ask for help, in fact only strong people are able to recognize the signs their addiction is ruining their life and take the action to change it. Only a strong person could put aside their pride and really take stock of their lives. Only a strong person could admit that they have a problem that they cannot solve. Only a strong person could ask for help.

What is shameful is continuing to live the way you are living, even if your addiction is ruining your life and the lives of the people around you. When you know deep down there is a problem, but you are trapped by fear and unable to admit it.

Have faith; there is help, and hope, out there. Addiction doesn’t discriminate; it affects people of all colors, genders, and social classes. You can recover, and you can stop addiction from ruining your life.

Residential Executive Treatment Program

Residential executive treatment program

Residential executive treatment program

In the course of building up their success it is common for those who work so hard to lean on substances and drinking to cope with the stress of their business and professional life. A residential executive treatment program exists to ensure that those people do not lose everything they have worked so hard to achieve over their lifetime while keeping the lifestyle they are used to.

Residential executive treatment programs provide comforts above and beyond those of ordinary treatment programs. This doesn’t mean that residential executive treatment programs are any less serious. In fact residential executive treatment programs ensure that their facility has the most experienced addiction care specialists in the world to help those struggling with drug alcohol abuse to get back on their feet.

A residential executive treatment program is different than detox or long-term treatment. The word residential merely means that there is a residence for each patient to reside in. The residences at an executive treatment program are filled with luxurious amenities and are uniquely designed for each individual who wishes to attend treatment. The residences include all the comforts of home in order to make each individual feel like they didn’t go very far to take care of themselves. Making the decision to get clean doesn’t need to be uncomfortable nor does it need to be a step down from what they are used to at home.

Residential executive treatment programs offer the most effective therapies and treatments available in the rehab world to date. Those who attend residential executive treatment can relax and immerse themselves in the amenities as well as the high end program that is offered. Residential executive treatment programs exist simply to give the patient the best possible chance of lasting recovery by alleviating all the burdens so they can focus on their quest for well-being.

The different amenities, comforts and luxuries provided at a residential executive treatment program make rehab more manageable than ordinary drug alcohol rehabs. This does not mean that the process of rehab is easy or the detox will be painless but it does mean that the executive treatment program is committed to being one of the most comfortable places in the world to start your recovery. From the staff of renowned doctors, to the techs in detox, the techs at the residence; the executive high end distractions during your residential program will help you to keep your mind off any pain you may be experiencing.

In the competitive profession world it is imperative that there are residential executive treatment programs not only for their amenities and world class programs but also because of their privacy and anonymity. Being in the business world, the public disclosure of a client’s substance abuse could ruin them so it is of utmost importance that each residential executive treatment program keep anonymity and privacy as a top priority. Residential executive treatment programs afford each individual the luxury of first-rate discretion and comfort in knowing their private life stays private.

Residential executive programs are designed around the individual not in general for all people. This is how a place such as an executive program can help those who have worked so hard and just need a little nudge to get back on track.

How Can I Find a Private Detox?

What is a private detox?

Private detoxes unlike public detoxes provide you with a more personal and one on one detox care. In public facilities you may not have the privacy, luxury or comfortable settings or medical options available to you.  Private detoxes are not overcrowded. Private detoxes pride themselves on keeping their census low to insure peace and serenity for each client. That is one of the great things about a private detox, is the ability for the focus to really be on each individual and their needs in order to help them to achieve the ultimate goal of sobriety.

How can I find a private detox?

Nowadays when you want the answer to a question where do you turn to? Most people instantly search on their smart phones on computers. The easiest way to get started on your search for a private detox facility is to use the Internet.

Google terms like private detox center, private detox facility, where can I find a private detox?

The Internet can tell you where and what kind of private detoxes are available to you. While private detox is not as common as public detox there are still multiple options out there and you should find the right private detox for yourself. When you begin searching for a private detox make sure that each individual facility is properly licensed and staffed with 24/7 available medical professionals. There are way too many “hole in the wall” detox facilities that claim to be qualified and they are not.

Plus, you might want to rule out any treatment facility that doesn’t have an online presence. Any reputable company in this day of age invests time and money into their online real estate. Although we don’t consciously think about it having a website or online presence is going to automatically ease your fears of whether or not a company is reputable. If a private detox has no online presence they may not have been around long enough and when your health is involved you want to make sure you attend an experienced and established facility.

You can also check with the Better Business Bureau to see if they are registered, what their ratings are and if they have any outstanding complaints.

You want to attend a private detox that is at least accredited by its’ states health governing bodies. For example, our private detox is certified by the Florida Department of Children and Families for the treatment of substance abuse and mental health services, Joint Commission, Better Business Bureau and has professional medical staff available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

SAMSHA Treatment Locator

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration publishes an annual book of all the drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers within the United States. This is a very valuable resource for anyone looking for private detoxes and private treatment centers.

You’ll have many options ranging from small to large detox facilities and treatment centers. You’ll also be able to search private and public facilities alike. Visit for more information.

Be opened minded when searching for a private detox.

Deciding to get sober and go to a private detox is the first step. Congratulations! Be sure that you stay open minded and keep your options open. Do not settle and do not go with the first private detox you find. Call many private detoxes in your search and ask them specific questions about their program to make sure that it will be a good match for you. Ask them specifically if they have individualized treatment and high end amenities which is what makes a private detox. Ask them if they offer one on one care, holistic therapies, and as comfortable a detox as possible. These kinds of questions will allow you to determine which private detox is right for you so you can get sober with comfort and ease, knowing you are in the right place.

Happy Hunting!

Family Programs at Luxury Rehabs

Family programs at Luxury Rehabs

Many addicts start experimenting with drugs and gradually progress into abusive drug or alcohol patterns without realizing that they are becoming addicted. This can be particularly true if their lives have been successful while using the drugs and alcohol. Addicts also aren’t aware of the harm they cause those around them – their co-workers, friends, family members, and loved ones. Anyone involved in their life in the smallest way.

Some may justify their drug or alcohol abuse by telling themselves it’s a personal choice and that it’s no one else’s business. They tell themselves that they are still managing just fine and if others would just leave them alone everything would be perfect. Addicts tend to blame, accuse and become distant from others. Experience has shown how much one person’s addiction can affect multiple people in their lives. That is why great luxury rehabs have an integrated family program.

National statistics indicate that the entire family often suffers when one member is addicted to drugs or alcohol, or is actively suffering from an eating disorder:

▪   More than half of all spouse and child abuse is directly tied to alcohol and drug abuse.

▪   Alcohol and drug-addicted persons are seven times more likely to divorce.

▪   More than 4 million women in this country, many of whom are mothers, abuse drugs.

▪   More than half of all traffic fatalities are related to alcohol and other forms of drug abuse.

▪   Non-alcoholic members of alcoholic families take considerably more sick leave than members of families in which alcoholism is not present.

▪   Alcohol is implicated in 25 to 50 percent of cases of maltreatment of women, and in 20 percent of cases of maltreatment of children.

▪   An estimated 6.6 million children under the age of 18 live in households with at least one alcoholic parent.

Sadly, even if the substance abuser is able to keep up appearances to the outside world, family life often becomes intolerable for his/her loved ones. Yet they may try to cover up what is really happening because it’s just too painful to admit their family is being torn apart by something they cannot control. Without family programs at luxury rehab the healing may begin for the addict but not for the family. This is why family programs at luxury rehab are so paramount in the recovery of every individual who attends.

Family programs at luxury rehab allow all family members to come and see what the addict is doing to better themselves while also finding some of their own healing in a protective, safe, and discreet environment. Many people don’t realize the important of family programs within luxury rehabs but they can make or break the chances of someone’s success after luxury rehab. When the entire family knows what’s going on and can begin their own healing it can help the addict to progress exponentially in their own recovery. Family programs at luxury rehab are an integral part of the astounding treatment offered to each individual. Just like each luxury client gets the best treatment available it is important that the family of luxury client does too. Family programs at luxury rehab are a great place to find real healing for everyone who was involved in the addictive pattern.


Accommodation Selections at Luxury Rehabs

Accommodation Selections at Luxury Rehabs

Luxury rehab is all about choice. We know that no two people are the same, so no two people require the same kind of treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. We treat each person like the unique individual that they are, and we strive to meet their every need. You are able to make your own accommodation selections at luxury rehabs.

Accommodation Selections at Luxury Rehabs: Rooms and bedding

The accommodation selections at luxury rehabs start with your choice of living arrangement. We have private bedrooms and bathrooms for every luxury client. If you have special needs for your bed, if you prefer to have certain kinds of sheets or comforters, we will accommodate that.  We strive to make your experience at luxury rehab as comfortable and serene as possible.

Accommodation Selections at Luxury Rehabs: Kitchen and living room

Our accommodations are completely upgraded and remodeled. Each of the kitchens has the latest appliances, and the residences feature wood floors. If you prefer anything in the kitchens that is not already there, we will provide it for you.

Accommodation Selections at Luxury Rehabs: Entertainment

Each luxury apartment features a flat screen television and DVD player. We also offer premium movie channels. If you want to see a particular movie, television show, or sports games or if you would like the ability to stream videos on your TV through Hulu or Netflix, we can make the necessary arrangements.

Accommodation Selections at Luxury Rehabs: Day-to-Day

How do you like to wake up in the morning? Do you prefer to have an alarm clock that monitors your sleep and wakes you up gently or would you prefer a personal wake-up? You get to choose how you begin your day at luxury rehabs. Do you enjoy meditation on the beach in the morning? Or simply a cup of coffee while looking at our gorgeous views? We will strive to meet your every need. We would like you to be as peaceful and serene as possible before heading off to work on yourself with our therapists.

In the evening, you can choose your routine. What time would you like to be served dinner? Do you want to take advantage of our turn-down service? Do you like to have tea before going to bed? In luxury rehab, the choice is yours.

Accommodation Selections at Luxury Rehabs: Serenity

Recovering from addiction is not easy, and the luxury rehabs understand this. Luxury rehabs will allow you to receive treatment in a stress-free environment. The goal of accommodation selections at luxury rehabs is to ease your recovery and to make it as pleasant as possible. The seclusion offered in the private, luxurious living quarters will allow you to get away from the stress of daily life. Luxury rehabs offer the most hospitable healing environment available. You will enjoy complete serenity and peace while you focus completely on your recovery. Accommodation selections at luxury rehabs allow you to have all the comforts of home during your stay.