Executives and Celebrities in Rehab

Executives and Celebrities in Rehab

Executives and Celebrities in Rehab

Addiction affects people from all walks of life: from the homeless man on the street to the beautiful starlet living in a penthouse apartment. However, executives and celebrities in rehab sometimes face a unique set of challenges. Sometimes, executives must go to a place where they can still work and communicate to the office during treatment. Executives and celebrities in rehab also need a higher level of privacy and discretion.

Executives and Celebrities in Rehab: Access

Many traditional rehab centers do not allow clients to have access to technology like email and cell phones while they are in treatment. For executives and celebrities in rehab this can be unacceptable. Treatment centers that cater to executives and celebrities recognize that high profile clients cannot be cut off from professional obligations while they recover. The will accommodate your busy schedule while also maintaining the relaxing and stress-free environment that you need to recover.

Executives and Celebrities in Rehab: Luxury

Executives and celebrities are generally accustomed to a higher standard of living, and they do not want to give that up while in rehab. Treatment centers that cater to these types of high profile clients seem more like four star hotels than treatment facilities. They are designed to allow you to recover in the most plush and luxurious setting possible. Luxury rehab centers offer private, lavish accommodations, far from the stress of your daily life. Gourmet food, yoga, golf, spa services and massage are just a few of the amenities offered to executives and celebrities in rehab.

Executives and Celebrities in Rehab: Privacy and Confidentiality

Rehabs that cater to executives and celebrities offer complete privacy and confidentiality. And while all rehab centers are required by law to respect the confidentiality of their clients, executives and celebrities in rehab often need a higher level of vigilance. Sometimes, unscrupulous media outlets will do almost anything to discover that a certain person is in rehab. The type of treatment centers that cater to high profile clients realize this and have taken steps to ensure that each and every client can seek addiction treatment with absolute discretion. No one will know that you are seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction unless you want them too. Likewise, you will feel free to open up to their highly trained and absolutely discrete addiction professionals, which is essential to healing.

Executives and Celebrities in Rehab: Tailored Programs

Executives and celebrities in rehab face a unique set of challenges to recovery. They often live and work under a high degree of stress. They also usually must cope with the constant scrutiny of the public. Rehab centers that cater to these types of high profile clients understand these unique needs. They have experience treating people who have had similar experiences. They specialize in helping intelligent, motivated, high achievers break free from patterns of alcohol and drug abuse. They can help executives and celebrities in rehab learn new coping skills, recover from addiction and set the stage for a healthy, compelling, and successful future.

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Life Coaching at Luxury Rehab

Life Coaching at Luxury Rehab

Life Coaching at Luxury Rehab

Life coaching is popular these days.  A life coach is someone you hire to help you with your personal development especially when it comes to setting and achieving specific goals for yourself. Life coaches often share advice, offer guidance, help you make plans and hold you accountable to taking action towards your goals. Life coaching at luxury rehab specifically helps you to achieve the goals you set for yourself in sobriety usually dealing with sobriety.

Life coaching at luxury rehab might be right for you if you are dealing with any of the following:

  • *I’ve had a problem or challenge (addiction or alcoholism) that’s been around for a long time, but I’ve never managed to sort it out.
  • *I have a pressing issue to resolve but don’t know where to start.
  • *Things are OK for me but could be better.
  • *I seem to spend all of my life trying to catch up.
  • *My life seems to be all work and no play.
  • *I think things would be great if only I had a new job, I could lose weight, I could sell my house, could get clean and sober etc.
  • *I feel isolated in my job but find it difficult to talk to colleagues in case they take it as a sign that I’ve failed.
  • *I’m hiding relationship problems because I can’t share them with family and friends, as this would feel dis-loyal to my partner.
  • *I’m in a rut and feel too drained to get out of it (alcoholism and addiction).
  • *I’ve lost direction (alcoholism and addiction).

So what are the benefits of life coaching at luxury rehab?

There are numerous benefits to life coaching at luxury rehab and all those benefits are unique and specific to your situation, life, family, career, goals, dreams, ideals, beliefs etc.

  • *You get to talk about your problems and challenges with someone who’s not going to interrupt you, make judgments about you or your addiction, criticize what you’re saying, or offer opinions based on their own experience.
  • *If you’re feeling negative and lacking in motivation about your recovery, your life coach at luxury rehab will help you challenge limiting assumptions and beliefs you may be holding, about the situations you find yourself in, that are stopping you moving forward.
  • *Life coaching at luxury rehab will give you the space and time to think through your challenges and options.
  • *You can use your life coach at luxury rehab as a sounding board for all of your ideas, like your business plan, what to put in a presentation, how to have a successful interview, how to deal with triggers, how to deal with family issues, how to start a new hobby, your new fitness regime; the list is endless.
  • *If you’ve lost direction, your life coach at luxury rehab will help you to focus by setting you some highly effective exercises, practices, and therapies designed to help you identify what you’d like to have, be and do.
  • *Your life coach at luxury rehab will help you discover your true values, and help you work on a plan for fulfilling them.
  • *Everything you say will be in total confidence. This is of the utmost importance when it comes to life coaching at luxury rehab
  • *Your life coach at luxury rehab will offer suggestions if it is appropriate and something you would welcome.

Source: http://lifecoach-pro.com/20100828/what-is-life-coaching/

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What is alcohol poisoning?

Alcohol Poisoning

What is alcohol poisoning?

When someone has alcohol poisoning it means that they have consumed a dangerous or toxic amount of alcohol over a fairly short period of time. Their blood alcohol levels are so high it is considered poisonous. Someone with alcohol poisoning can become extremely confused, unresponsive, disoriented, have shallow breathing, and can even pass out, go into a coma or die. Alcohol poisoning can be life-threatening and usually requires a trip to the hospital.

What causes alcohol poisoning?

Binge drinking usually is the cause of alcohol poisoning, although, alcohol poisoning can happen accidentally when somebody drinks household products that contain alcohol.

When someone drinks alcohol the liver has to filter out the alcohol, a toxin, from their blood. Alcohol gets absorbed much quicker than food this means that alcohol reaches the blood much quicker than anything else. And the liver can only process a limited amount of alcohol before alcohol just begins circulating throughout the body waiting to be filtered. The liver can handle about one unit of alcohol every hour. So if someone drinks to units of alcohol in one hour this extra unit will be in the bloodstream until the liver can filter it. So the faster someone drinks the higher their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) becomes. If someone drinks too fast then they can end up spiking their BAC dangerously high and this is when alcohol poisoning happens.

When someone brings their BAC up very quickly it can affect them mentally and physically. For instance, breathing, heartbeat, and gag reflex all can become impaired as well as the nerves. Someone who brings their BAC up very high can become breathless, start choking or have an irregular heart rhythm.

So what are the signs of alcohol poisoning?

These signs and symptoms may indicate that someone is going from drunk to having alcohol poisoning or that they already have alcohol poisoning:

  • Confusion
  • Hypothermia
  • Pale skin, sometimes with a blue tint to it
  • The person is unresponsive
  • The person passes out
  • Unusual breathing
  • Very slow breathing
  • Vomiting

In very severe cases of alcohol poisoning a person might stop breathing all together or a heart attack could occur. There is also a risk of someone with alcohol poisoning choking on their own vomit. Also, if the individual with alcohol poisoning loses too much fluid there is a risk of brain damage due to severe dehydration. If blood glucose levels drop too low there is also a chance of fits and seizures with alcohol poisoning.  If alcohol poisoning is very serious the person can go into a coma and eventually die.

What to do if someone has alcohol poisoning.

If someone has alcohol poisoning 911 should be called.  This is the safest and surest way to get someone with alcohol poisoning the help they need. In the meantime certain things can be done such as:

  • Keep the individual awake
  • Try to keep the person sitting up not lying down
  • If they are able to drink give them water
  • If the person is unconscious put them in the recovery position and continue checking if they are breathing
  • Don’t  give them coffee, this can worsen dehydration
  • Don’t lie them on their back
  • Don’t give them more alcohol
  • Don’t make them walk

And last but not least if someone has alcohol poisoning call for HELP.

Sources: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/alcohol-poisoning/DS00861

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Dealing with “home” while in rehab

Dealing with home while in rehab

How to separate yourself from your “at home” situation

Not all of us are blessed with the most caring, loving, and supportive “at home” situations. Some of us have families that use drugs, enable us, or don’t understand why we did what we did. There are some of us who have to begin taking steps to separate ourselves from any and all negativity and for you this may mean your family.

Here are ways to separate yourself from your “at home” situation:

Get help! Getting therapy, counseling or joining a fellowship that is in the same situation as you is a great idea to begin separating yourself from your home situation. Other people can give you great suggestions on what to do to begin really creating that distance to better yourself and them.

Move out or find another place to live – Moving out or finding another place is a great option if you need to separate yourself from your “at home” situation. This may or may not be possible for you, if it is think long and hard about how helpful this may be for you and your newly found recovery.

Allow yourself to get angry – Get angry but use it productively. Don’t take your anger out on the actual people in your home but rather write in a journal.

Limit your time – Limiting the time you spend connected to your “at home” situation is imperative. Whether it is visits or phone calls if you start limiting and setting time constraints on the amount of time you give yourself with your situation than it is easier to begin separating.

Set healthy boundaries – Setting boundaries will not only allow you to separate yourself but it will keep you from getting sucked back in to a toxic at home situation. You can always love from a distance and the boundaries will help keep you at that distance.

Learn ways to take care of yourself – Whether it is meditation or yoga, find something to do for yourself to keep yourself sane in case something were to happen that upsets you. Having a situation at home that you have to separate yourself from can be really stressful. Find things that you like to do to de-stress and decompress from the anxiety of dealing with your home life.

Take charge of your life and your happiness – Don’t wait for your family or your at home situation to change. The only thing you can change is yourself no one else not even the people who love you most. So do the things that make you happy and do the things in your life that you want to do because no one else knows how much it is going to hurt if you don’t do it, only you. You have control, separate yourself and begin living your life.

Let go of the grudges – If you are holding any grudges or resentments towards your at home situation make sure to let go of them. All the grudges are doing are making you miserable not your family or at home life. Letting go of grudges towards your situation will allow you to move on in peace and finally allow you to truly begin separating yourself.

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Private Services at Luxury Treatment Center

Private Services at Luxury Treatment Center


Private Services at Luxury Treatment Center

The private services at luxury treatment center are a cut above the average service you would find at the at a more traditional treatment center. At a luxury treatment center you are paying for the added benefit of private services. Private services at luxury treatment center can include anything from personal training, private nurse or doctor, private transportation, and private residences.

Luxury treatment centers realize that privacy is one of the most important aspects for high profile clients so that is why they are usually smaller, centralized programs with not too many clients at any given time.

Private Personal Training

Luxury treatment center offers personal training in a private setting for those clients who want to stay in tip top shape. Personal training includes working one on one with a certified trainer who can help a client with a new weight loss goal or maintain the body they already have.

Private Medical Staff

Private services at luxury treatment also include the medical staff. Each client at luxury treatment center will have their own private nurse and doctor who will work with them on their medications and treatment plan. With a private nurse and doctor each client can get the care they need, deserve and that is uniquely designed for them. No one person is alike and having a personal nurse or doctor allows for each client to have a program and medical staff that is aware of their specific needs and wants.

Private Transportation

Private services at luxury treatment also include private transportation. The private transportation at luxury treatment centers include being transported in private vehicles. Clients will either be transported in a limo or other luxury vehicle by a chauffer. Private transportation is one of the biggest differences between luxury treatment and traditional treatment centers. It is usually the norm to be transported in vans with other clients during your rehab stay but luxury clients will be privately chauffeured to and from treatment. With luxury treatment you get your own private limo with your own private driver which can allow you to feel more at peace while also helping with keeping the confidentiality of you and your stay at luxury treatment center.

Private Residencies

Private services at luxury treatment centers also include your accomodations. Each client is given a highly discreet and gorgeous house to stay in where they will have all the privacy and luxury amenities of a real home. This is one of the biggest and most important private services luxury treatment has to offer because the residence in which clients stay are where they will spend their time when they are not in group, therapy, exercising, enjoying a day pass or one of our relaxing holistic services like massage or chiropractic care. Private services at a luxury treatment center allow for above average accommodations for the clients.

Private services at luxury treatment centers provide a more comfortable experience to drug rehab. Having private services at rehab can make your stay more comfortable and private but it’s important to know that going to rehab is not about having everything your way or being on vacation. You are going to rehab to learn a new way of life without drugs or alcohol and sometimes getting out of your comfort zone is better for you so if you are going to a luxury treatment center be prepared to be challenged. Addiction is life and death, it is not a game so although having many private and personal services available to you sound great, it’s no cake walk.

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Dealing With Moodiness in Rehab

Dealing With Moodiness in Rehab

Dealing With Moodiness in Rehab


Dealing With Moodiness in Rehab

Almost everybody deals with moodiness in rehab. Firstly, you’re in rehab, which clearly sucks. You have moments of feeling really good about your decision to go, and then you have moments when you think of how bad your life must have gotten to have landed you in rehab in the first place. It feels good to finally kick the physical part of the addiction, but withdrawal is often uncomfortable and it can take a long time. One minute you’re laughing, the next, you’re crying. Dealing with moodiness in rehab can be difficult.

Dealing with Moodiness in Rehab: Practice Acceptance

One of the best ways of combating moodiness in rehab is practicing acceptance. Acceptance is a spiritual principle that is very important for long term sobriety, and rehab is a great way to start practicing. Why? Because you are not in charge at rehab. You do not run the show or call the shots. In a way, this is really nice because you don’t have to make decisions. Part of the reason that rehab is so structured is because in those very early days, it is enough just to follow direction. Learning how to do simple, day-to-day tasks without drugs and alcohol is a full-time job in the beginning. However, most people who come into rehab are adults who are used to making their own decisions. Letting someone else run the show, getting along with the other people in rehab, and being away from home and family can be difficult at first. Practicing acceptance and letting things go helps a lot when dealing with moodiness in rehab. Realize that you are there for a reason, and you cannot control everything. The rules are put in place for your own benefit.

Dealing with Moodiness in Rehab: Get Comfortable with Your Feelings

Dealing with moodiness in rehab becomes a lot easier when you realize that feelings are just feelings. As addicts and alcoholics, we are not used to uncomfortable feelings. When an uncomfortable feeling crops up, we do something to make it go away (usually by having a drink or taking a drug.) When we no longer have drugs and alcohol, we also no longer have the numbing effect that they provide. We feel all our feelings for the first time in a long time. Many of these feelings are often exaggerated because they have been suppressed for so long. Our first instinct when dealing with moodiness in rehab is to somehow change or numb the feelings. It gets easier when you realize that a feeling is just a feeling. It is only temporary, and it will not kill you. Allow yourself to feel the feeling, but do it with the understanding that this too will pass, and to maintain sobriety in the long term, you may have to feel some uncomfortable feelings. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Breathe deep, take a minute for yourself, and realize that you do not need to seek a permanent solution for a temporary problem.

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Treating Anxiety While in Rehab

Treating Anxiety While in Rehab

Treating Anxiety While in Rehab

Anxiety is a normal human emotion. Anxiety can come in the feeling of uneasiness, apprehension, or dread and these feelings are a part of our DNA, in fact they can happen to anyone. There are a large number of ways for treating anxiety while in rehab and a large majority of rehabilitation centers use prescription medications and conventional treatments such as therapy. If it is needed treating anxiety while in rehab will include a mixture of prescription medication, therapy and different holistic treatments. Prescription medications are usually only used in a last resort scenario because the whole point of rehab is to get the individual off any and all drugs including prescription medications. And many of the prescription medications for treating anxiety are narcotic and have a high potential for addiction. So if there is a different way for treating anxiety while in rehab, a drug treatment center will most definitely use it. A lot of the times anxiety while in rehab is due to being sober for the first time in a long time and dealing with emotions and feelings again. So whether or not anxiety is attributed to an actual disorder or is merely nervousness about change all treatment centers try to treat it. And the truth is, it is becoming more and more common in rehab to treat anxiety with holistic methods. Many of the practices used in rehab include holistic treatments for anxiety.

Here are some ways to begin treating anxiety while in rehab:

  • Diet

Believe it or not diet can have a lot to do with a person’s mental state and this includes anxiety. Many psychiatric problems can be addressed while in rehab with a good diet. Most rehabs provide healthy and nutritious food for the clients so they can benefit from the effects of a healthy body.

For instance treating anxiety while in rehab can begin with eliminating sugar, caffeine, alcohol and foods with additives. Eliminating these things in a client’s diet can really begin to boost their mood.

Using healthy foods with lots of vitamins can begin treating anxiety while in rehab. For instance foods like oats, milk, and bananas have all been found to have a positive effect on stress and anxiety.

Supplements are a great way to begin treating anxiety while in rehab. Having higher levels of calcium, magnesium, and vitamin B complex can really help with stress and any nervous disorder.

  • Breathing

Many drug treatment centers today have meditation groups, yoga, and breathing exercises as a part of their curriculum. This is because controlled breathing has so many benefits including treating anxiety. One of the first symptoms of an anxiety attack or panic attack is rapid breathing. Learning to breathe deeply can be extremely effective in treating anxiety while in rehab.

Exercise can really help treat anxiety disorders while in rehab. Exercise can include bike riding, walking, dancing, yoga and so much more. Exercising releases endorphins in the body and helps the body to use oxygen more efficiently which means less stress in the body which means treatment for anxiety.

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Executive Rehab

Executive Rehab

Executive Rehab

Executive rehab is exclusive to those high profile clients that include business executives, celebrities, professional athletes and more. Executive rehab allows high profile clients to come into an atmosphere with like-minded individuals who are trying to achieve the same thing they are; lasting sobriety. Executive rehab realizes the importance of each client’s professional career so it allows executives, celebrities and the like to continue with their day to day duties while also staying in a comfortable and relaxed setting that is paramount to finding recovery from drugs and alcohol.

High profile individuals know the daily stressors of work, life, and families/loved ones. Due to the all the stress there may be a need to relax by taking prescription medications, drinking or using illicit substances. This use may eventually turn into serious issues which begin to affect work, family life, social life and more. That is why executive rehab offers different approaches for individuals who live busy career so they can find the tools that fit their lifestyle. Executive rehab realizes the demand for work and lifestyle while also staying sober so it offers the most unique treatments available to each client so each client may take with them what they need to not only stay sober but also to remain active in all aspects of their life. It can be hard to find time to do the things necessary to stay sober but there are a lot of different options out there on what can help with sobriety. For instance executive rehab offers:

  • Massage therapy
  • Spa therapy
  • Personal trainers
  • Acupuncture
  • Holistic medicine
  • Nutritionists
  • Yoga

Some of the other benefits of executive rehab include its’ exclusivity for high profile clients. Because of this, like-minded people who live similar lifestyles find commonality and comfort amongst each other. When people with similar lifestyles are trying to achieve the same things it allows each client to help each other. When an individual at executive rehab comes up with a solution in group therapy they can share this solution to a daily life situation with the rest of the group and it will apply and be relevant to the other client’s situations. Without executive rehab, high profile clients could find themselves unable to relate to other client’s in a more traditional rehab. Not only that but many of the clients at a traditional rehab may be at different points of their life. With executive rehab, high profile individuals are allowed to feel comfortable and open surrounded by people in similar circumstances. This allows recovery to truly begin; the realization that you are not alone in any means is imperative to it.

Executive rehab exists in particular for those individuals who need the extra discrepancy and privacy too. Executive rehab is for high profile clients meaning that the privacy factor is one of the most important factors of the entire experience also.

With all of these things combined executive rehab makes itself the most helpful, effective, comfortable, luxurious, and top notch rehab available to high profile clients like celebrities, pro athletes, executives, and CEOs.

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30, 60, 90 Day Luxury Treatment Programs

30, 60, 90 Day Luxury Treatment Programs

30, 60, 90 Day Luxury Treatment Programs

Inpatient treatment rehab is also referred to as residential treatment. The residential treatment programs at a luxury drug rehab are exactly the same as those at a tradition rehab. Luxury treatment offers 30, 60, 90 day luxury treatment programs that are available for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, codependency, compulsive gambling and more. Stays at the luxury treatment programs usually range from a minimum of 30 days to a maximum of around 90 days or even more.

Your goals will depend on how long you stay; either the 30, 60, or 90 days in luxury treatment. There is nothing different about the programs except for their lengths of stay. Usually in a 30, 60, 90 day luxury treatment program you go through it in phases after completing certain goals. For instance during the first thirty days you will be asked to do certain tasks and complete them successfully in order to get more freedom during the next 60-90 days.

An example would be that you during the first 30 days:

  • Receive 4 individual counseling sessions a week
  • Attend 4-6 educational and process groups daily
  • Write an autobiography focusing on drugs and how they impacted your life
  • Complete a workbook they give you

After you complete these goals for the first 30 days of a luxury treatment program you will be given more goals to complete during your next 30 days. In the next 30 days you can complete those goals while also be given some more freedom such as a later curfew etc.

Around sixty days of the luxury treatment program is when the focus of most luxury treatment programs turns to relapse prevention. Relapse prevention is very important for those who are going to luxury treatment. Relapse prevention is part of the preparation for going back into the real world after being in luxury treatment. Once relapse prevention and the next 30 days is up at the 60-90 day mark begins the reintegration.

The last 30 days at a luxury treatment program is the phase that is allowed the most freedom and it means you are ready to go back to your life and have learned all you can learn from the luxury treatment program. Those who stay at a luxury treatment program for 90 days really increase their chances for staying sober in the long run. This is because those people who stay in a luxury treatment program for 90 days are really giving their heads time to clear while also giving their bodies and their minds time to heal from the drug use and drinking that had been going for a long time. 90 days of course is still a short amount of time considering how long you have been using drugs or alcohol but it is long enough in luxury treatment in order for you to get a good head start on your sobriety.

This doesn’t mean 30 or 60 days won’t work either. All luxury treatment programs are successful if you believe you will be successful.

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Will I be safe at rehab?

Will I be safe at rehab?

Will I be safe at rehab?

When going to rehab one the most common questions that gets asked is will I be safe? The answer to this question is yes. Most drug treatment centers are equipped with an overly capable staff, as well as a safe place for you to say, and some kind of security. Whether or not you want safety from the outside world or safety from drugs and alcohol, rehab can supply you with all the safety you need.

Rehabs are specifically designed to keep a person safe from drugs and alcohol and the outside world for a little while. Safety is one of the first and foremost facts of drug rehab. In fact safety is so important it kind of goes without being said that it is paramount. Safety at rehab is paramount because if you don’t feel safe you won’t be able to change or do what you need to do recover. So rehab supplies with you a million different ways to remain safe. For instance, if you don’t feel safe in a group than you aren’t going to share about what is going on with you. That is why rehab also offers individual counseling.

The premises at rehab are also very safe and medically supervised by a trained and qualified staff. The staff makes sure that everyone and everything is taken care of. At nights and sometimes all day there is also a security officer on hand.

Safety at rehab also comes in the form of confidentiality. You have to make sure that your privacy is safe and that your identity is safe. This is why most rehabs are very discreet and not secretive but behind the scenes. No one has to know you are in rehab. Most rehabs will do everything they can to make sure only you and the people you want to know know you are in rehab for the time being. It is great that you have made a decision to change your life, and in order for you to take advantage of that you shouldn’t be worrying about something such as safety.

While in rehab you also don’t want to have to worry about the temptation to go out and use drugs. That is why rehabs offer a safe and secure place for you to say where anyone on the outside can’t get in to bring you drugs and items are searched and those who aren’t doing the right things are politely asked to leave. Those who are asked to leave must do so for the safety of other clients at rehab. Everything that is done at rehab is done with the underlying thought of is it going to be safe for this persons recovery, personal life, etc.

If you don’t feel safe at rehab why would you go to rehab? You wouldn’t. That is why rehab offers all the amenities, staff, and tools needed for you to feel as safe as possible so you can be as comfortable as possible and begin to recover.

If you or a loved one are in need of luxury drug and alcohol rehab please give our addiction specialist a call 24/7 at 800-845-6827.