Treating Anxiety While in Rehab

Treating Anxiety While in Rehab

Treating Anxiety While in Rehab

Anxiety is a normal human emotion. Anxiety can come in the feeling of uneasiness, apprehension, or dread and these feelings are a part of our DNA, in fact they can happen to anyone. There are a large number of ways for treating anxiety while in rehab and a large majority of rehabilitation centers use prescription medications and conventional treatments such as therapy. If it is needed treating anxiety while in rehab will include a mixture of prescription medication, therapy and different holistic treatments. Prescription medications are usually only used in a last resort scenario because the whole point of rehab is to get the individual off any and all drugs including prescription medications. And many of the prescription medications for treating anxiety are narcotic and have a high potential for addiction. So if there is a different way for treating anxiety while in rehab, a drug treatment center will most definitely use it. A lot of the times anxiety while in rehab is due to being sober for the first time in a long time and dealing with emotions and feelings again. So whether or not anxiety is attributed to an actual disorder or is merely nervousness about change all treatment centers try to treat it. And the truth is, it is becoming more and more common in rehab to treat anxiety with holistic methods. Many of the practices used in rehab include holistic treatments for anxiety.

Here are some ways to begin treating anxiety while in rehab:

  • Diet

Believe it or not diet can have a lot to do with a person’s mental state and this includes anxiety. Many psychiatric problems can be addressed while in rehab with a good diet. Most rehabs provide healthy and nutritious food for the clients so they can benefit from the effects of a healthy body.

For instance treating anxiety while in rehab can begin with eliminating sugar, caffeine, alcohol and foods with additives. Eliminating these things in a client’s diet can really begin to boost their mood.

Using healthy foods with lots of vitamins can begin treating anxiety while in rehab. For instance foods like oats, milk, and bananas have all been found to have a positive effect on stress and anxiety.

Supplements are a great way to begin treating anxiety while in rehab. Having higher levels of calcium, magnesium, and vitamin B complex can really help with stress and any nervous disorder.

  • Breathing

Many drug treatment centers today have meditation groups, yoga, and breathing exercises as a part of their curriculum. This is because controlled breathing has so many benefits including treating anxiety. One of the first symptoms of an anxiety attack or panic attack is rapid breathing. Learning to breathe deeply can be extremely effective in treating anxiety while in rehab.

Exercise can really help treat anxiety disorders while in rehab. Exercise can include bike riding, walking, dancing, yoga and so much more. Exercising releases endorphins in the body and helps the body to use oxygen more efficiently which means less stress in the body which means treatment for anxiety.

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