Entitlement and Drug Addiction

Entitlement and Drug Addiction

Entitlement is the opposite of humility – not living outside your means, respecting others, understanding accountability and responsibility. Constantly getting your own way can create a mindset of entitlement that will cause an otherwise charming and friendly person to turn into a whiny or confrontational person if anyone dares deny them what they want. When entitlement and drug addiction come together, the result can debilitate the addict and frustrate their family.

Entitlement and drug addiction go hand in hand. Entitlement can both encourage the development of an addiction as well as keep its fire burning brightly.

A user who is already entitled can quickly begin to feel that they deserve to do what they want, including harming themselves through substance abuse. This entitlement doesn’t just happen suddenly; it usually develops through emotions from formative experiences.

Sources of Entitlement

Negative experiences- Negative experiences such as abuse, poor childhood experiences, loss of a loved one, can fuel feelings of being entitled.

Positive experiences – Inheriting a fortune, being famous, or simply being part of a successful family can make someone feel that they deserve to have and do whatever they want, including using drugs.

Aspects of Entitlement

Guilt and Shame – A person who is experiencing feelings of guilt and shame might find themselves developing a grandiose self-image to protect their inner most feelings. For example, the schoolyard bully usually has a reason for being that way: his inflated sense of self has been developed to protect his feelings of shame and guilt.

Pride – Pride can often be a person’s biggest downfall. For someone who has been taught to have a strong sense of pride either through their upbringing or their success, he might feel that he deserves to do what he wants, or feel the need to keep up his appearance. This idea can lead to the continuation of an addiction.

The Combination of Entitlement and Drug Addiction – the Problems is Poses

Entitled people who become addicted to drugs more than likely do not see a problem with their behavior. When confronted about their drug use, they may be indifferent, angry, or be in denial.

Treatment for Someone with Entitlement and Drug Addiction

There are treatment centers that cater to those with entitlement and drug addiction issues. These facilities are high-end with numerous services and amenities. They can provide for the entitled individual while helping them learn humility and coping methods for their addiction. Luxury treatment centers offer upscale amenities while providing the highest quality of treatment and therapies so that your loved one can be comfortable and therefore open to learning some of the uncomfortable things about themselves, such as entitlement and drug addiction. Remember, oftentimes people with a sense of entitlement can often be in great denial about their drug addiction. In fact, denial is a major part of addiction and is a huge stumbling block to getting much-needed help. By sending your loved one to a luxurious, high-end treatment facility, they will feel more at ease because they will have the creature comforts they are used to having. This approach of luxury accommodations and real world therapy is ideal because they will then be more open-minded as well as less distracted and therefore treatment will have a greater chance to be successful.









Alcohol Rehab with Spa Treatments

Alcohol Rehab with Spa Treatments


Hardly a week goes by that we don’t hear of some new high-profile actor, singer, or politician checking into a center to treat a drug or alcohol problem. And when a celebrity goes to rehab, it’s often to an exclusive facility with marble baths, ocean views, and a full spa. But, spa-like treatment is becoming more and more the norm when it comes to alcohol rehab. The focus of alcohol rehab with spa treatments is the patient’s comfort. Detox and rehab can be both physically and psychologically taxing for the alcoholic who is convalescing.  There are withdrawal symptoms and an adjustment period to living without the use of alcohol.

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab with Spa Treatments provides clients with the feeling of staying at a major resort or luxury hotel. Such programs combine recreation with classes designed to help recovering alcoholics learn to develop a lifestyle independent from substances or addictive behaviors that have previously run their lives. These programs provide retreat where clients can take a vacation from the difficulties of their daily lives and more rigorous schedules to make a major change for the better.

Alcohol Rehab with Spa Treatments

Alcohol Rehab with Spa Treatments is designed for those seeking treatment for alcohol abuse and addiction within a resort-like environment. Research supports the efficacy and the therapeutic value of a relaxed, vacation-like atmosphere.

Alcohol Rehab with Spa Treatments helps clients return to a sober lifestyle and assimilate back into mainstream society. Addressing the sources and contributing factors of addiction, and how to cope with stress and misfortune are the principal focuses of most programs. Alcohol rehab with spa treatments and recovery programs include:

  • exercise programs
  • group and/or one-on-one therapy
  • meditation classes
  • nutritional instructional
  • workshops for stress management and relapse prevention
  • yoga

Alcohol Rehab with Spa Treatments are staffed by doctors and fully licensed mental health professionals, as well as certified nutritionists and instructors. While the same treatment methodologies are employed as in any traditional setting, the amenities are considerably better. Luxurious services providing outer beauty and inner peace leave clients feeling more at ease for the duration of their stay.

Massage therapy is probably the key treatment of a refined and exquisite spa experience. Massage therapy has been shown to not only help with relaxation but also helps with circulation and overall physical wellbeing.

Facials are good for detoxifying skin. As the clients discontinue their use of alcohol, the toxins begin to come through the pores of their skin. That is why the spa experience of facials is so important. Facials will leave the client feeling clear, refreshed, healthy and hydrated. Clients will glow with the life that they are beginning to enjoy again.

Body Treatments are different than massages in the sense that the focus is to nourish the skin. Body treatments are similar to a facial but, for the whole body. A spa experience body treatment will leave the skin healthy, hydrated, replenished, and renewed. It is important to take care of the skin. After all, it is the largest organ in the body and also, the first thing others see.


















Dealing With Moodiness in Rehab

Dealing With Moodiness in Rehab

Dealing With Moodiness in Rehab


Dealing With Moodiness in Rehab

Almost everybody deals with moodiness in rehab. Firstly, you’re in rehab, which clearly sucks. You have moments of feeling really good about your decision to go, and then you have moments when you think of how bad your life must have gotten to have landed you in rehab in the first place. It feels good to finally kick the physical part of the addiction, but withdrawal is often uncomfortable and it can take a long time. One minute you’re laughing, the next, you’re crying. Dealing with moodiness in rehab can be difficult.

Dealing with Moodiness in Rehab: Practice Acceptance

One of the best ways of combating moodiness in rehab is practicing acceptance. Acceptance is a spiritual principle that is very important for long term sobriety, and rehab is a great way to start practicing. Why? Because you are not in charge at rehab. You do not run the show or call the shots. In a way, this is really nice because you don’t have to make decisions. Part of the reason that rehab is so structured is because in those very early days, it is enough just to follow direction. Learning how to do simple, day-to-day tasks without drugs and alcohol is a full-time job in the beginning. However, most people who come into rehab are adults who are used to making their own decisions. Letting someone else run the show, getting along with the other people in rehab, and being away from home and family can be difficult at first. Practicing acceptance and letting things go helps a lot when dealing with moodiness in rehab. Realize that you are there for a reason, and you cannot control everything. The rules are put in place for your own benefit.

Dealing with Moodiness in Rehab: Get Comfortable with Your Feelings

Dealing with moodiness in rehab becomes a lot easier when you realize that feelings are just feelings. As addicts and alcoholics, we are not used to uncomfortable feelings. When an uncomfortable feeling crops up, we do something to make it go away (usually by having a drink or taking a drug.) When we no longer have drugs and alcohol, we also no longer have the numbing effect that they provide. We feel all our feelings for the first time in a long time. Many of these feelings are often exaggerated because they have been suppressed for so long. Our first instinct when dealing with moodiness in rehab is to somehow change or numb the feelings. It gets easier when you realize that a feeling is just a feeling. It is only temporary, and it will not kill you. Allow yourself to feel the feeling, but do it with the understanding that this too will pass, and to maintain sobriety in the long term, you may have to feel some uncomfortable feelings. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Breathe deep, take a minute for yourself, and realize that you do not need to seek a permanent solution for a temporary problem.

If you or a loved one are in need of luxury drug and alcohol rehab please give our addiction specialist a call 24/7 at 800-845-6827.

Emotional Well Being and Spiritual Renewal at Luxury Rehab

Emotional Well Being and Spiritual Renewal at Luxury Rehab

Emotional well being and spiritual renewal at luxury rehab is easy in a tranquil and serene atmosphere. Luxury rehab accommodations provide the setting for emotional well-being and spiritual renewal. The residences at luxury rehab are fully furnished and designed with the thought of your well being in mind. Luxury rehab provides transportation by limousine to and from the airport, grocery store, and other approved places for recreational activities and recovery enhancement. Luxury rehab also provides multiple amenities to create emotional well-being and spiritual renewal. For instance luxury rehab includes:

  • Spa treatments…
  • Catered meals…
  • Private rooms with a bath…
  • Jacuzzi tubs…
  • Exclusive swimming pools
  • And private limousine services…

All of these things help to provide a calm and luxurious environment while you rehabilitate from drug and alcohol addiction.

Luxury rehab is focused on healing the mind, body and spirit of each individual through addiction treatment and luxurious extracurricular activities. Through the combination of the two emotional well being can be found and spiritual renewal can begin.

Our luxury rehab provides alcohol and drug detox, treatment, and continuing care that is uniquely designed for the individual and their special emotional and spiritual needs. Luxury rehab also offers family treatment programs that can help the entire family of the addict find emotional well being and spiritual renewal. Luxury rehab is designed to help treat the individual’s addiction in a way that maximize each individual’s potential for well-being, spiritual renewal and long lasting sobriety. The length of stay at a luxury rehab range from 30-90 days. The reason for this length of stay is to give each individual the best chance at success once their time at luxury rehab is complete.

Emotional well-being and spiritual renewal at luxury rehab can be found through:

  • Personalized detox programs…
  • A caring, renowned, competent staff of alcohol and drug addiction counselors…
  • Amazing and exquisite accommodations with all the luxury amenities in nothing less than a tranquil and serene setting…
  • Continuing care that includes individualized holistic treatment uniquely designed for the individual…
  • Family treatment programs that address the family issues so the whole family can get better not just the addict or alcoholic…
  • Confidential and discreet recovery programs so each individual can have a peace of mind during their stay…
  • The beach nearby with white sandy beaches, palm trees, and the bluest water…
  • Is close to Miami, world class attractions and events for the individual who wants… to expand their traveling and spiritual life…
  • Perfect weather year round creates for a true sense of well-being…

Luxury rehab uses all of these elements in order to create not only emotional well-being and spiritual renewal but also a lasting change. Through finding an emotional well-being and spiritual renewal at luxury rehab each individual can find their unique reason to stay sober and use that to stay sober for the rest of their life. Everyone deserves the best life possible and luxury rehab recognizes the importance of finding spiritual peace and inner contentedness.

If you or a loved one are in need of luxury drug and alcohol rehab please give our addiction specialist a call 24/7 at 800-845-6827.