Dealing with “home” while in rehab

Dealing with home while in rehab

How to separate yourself from your “at home” situation

Not all of us are blessed with the most caring, loving, and supportive “at home” situations. Some of us have families that use drugs, enable us, or don’t understand why we did what we did. There are some of us who have to begin taking steps to separate ourselves from any and all negativity and for you this may mean your family.

Here are ways to separate yourself from your “at home” situation:

Get help! Getting therapy, counseling or joining a fellowship that is in the same situation as you is a great idea to begin separating yourself from your home situation. Other people can give you great suggestions on what to do to begin really creating that distance to better yourself and them.

Move out or find another place to live – Moving out or finding another place is a great option if you need to separate yourself from your “at home” situation. This may or may not be possible for you, if it is think long and hard about how helpful this may be for you and your newly found recovery.

Allow yourself to get angry – Get angry but use it productively. Don’t take your anger out on the actual people in your home but rather write in a journal.

Limit your time – Limiting the time you spend connected to your “at home” situation is imperative. Whether it is visits or phone calls if you start limiting and setting time constraints on the amount of time you give yourself with your situation than it is easier to begin separating.

Set healthy boundaries – Setting boundaries will not only allow you to separate yourself but it will keep you from getting sucked back in to a toxic at home situation. You can always love from a distance and the boundaries will help keep you at that distance.

Learn ways to take care of yourself – Whether it is meditation or yoga, find something to do for yourself to keep yourself sane in case something were to happen that upsets you. Having a situation at home that you have to separate yourself from can be really stressful. Find things that you like to do to de-stress and decompress from the anxiety of dealing with your home life.

Take charge of your life and your happiness – Don’t wait for your family or your at home situation to change. The only thing you can change is yourself no one else not even the people who love you most. So do the things that make you happy and do the things in your life that you want to do because no one else knows how much it is going to hurt if you don’t do it, only you. You have control, separate yourself and begin living your life.

Let go of the grudges – If you are holding any grudges or resentments towards your at home situation make sure to let go of them. All the grudges are doing are making you miserable not your family or at home life. Letting go of grudges towards your situation will allow you to move on in peace and finally allow you to truly begin separating yourself.

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How To Separate Yourself From Toxic Family Members

How to separate yourself from toxic family members

How to separate yourself from toxic family members

Everyone has family members and everyone has family members that are better than others. Every person has at least one family member that is difficult to deal with and toxic. How you deal with a toxic family member though is more important than how they act. If you have a toxic family member you don’t have to let them continue to bring that kind of negativity into your life. There are tactful ways for you to separate yourself from toxic family members. The important point is to remember we can never control someone else’s toxic behavior only our own. We should always be kind to everyone no matter how toxic they are especially family members who are difficult.

Here are ways to separate yourself from toxic family members

Sometimes the best way to handle family problems is to separate yourself physically and emotionally. This may mean moving to a different house, state, or country. Or, it may mean not answering the phone until you’re mentally and emotionally ready to talk. You don’t necessarily need to cut toxic family members out of your life; rather, you can give them a quick call every 2-3 months — or you can send a note instead of calling.

Don’t expect your toxic family members to change. Change the things you have control over, such as how often you visit. Even knowing you have control over the littlest things can make a difference. Your toxic family members may never change, but you can empower yourself in different ways. For instance, if you have an alcoholic sibling, you can join an Al-Anon support group. Toxic family members are stressful but you can reduce the stress by checking your own attitude and response to them.

Expect criticism from your toxic family members. Handling problems with family requires setting healthy boundaries. It’s easier to set boundaries than to actually stick to them! Learn how to protect your boundaries despite criticism from other people. And remember that your toxic family members may not think they’re doing anything wrong, and may not see the negative effect they have on you or others. They may think everyone should live and act the way they do. That’s their right, and it’s your right to live the way you see fit.

Dealing with toxic family members can be challenging but there are tons of books and resources on how to deflect conflicts and situations. Read about boundaries, take workshops or classes about setting healthy boundaries with toxic people, and consider talking to a family counselor about the best way to handle family problems.

There are multiple different ways to separate yourself from toxic family members but the most important thing to remember is to set boundaries. Do what you can for yourself and leave them as they are. Trying to change your toxic family members is where most people get it wrong. Separating yourself from your toxic family members and keeping yourself safe and healthy is your best bet for having the healthiest relationship with them as you can.