30 Day Luxury Rehab

30 Day Luxury Rehab

30 Day Luxury Rehab

The first step of solving any problem is to admit that you have one. It takes a very strong person to admit they have a drug and alcohol problem and that they may need help. A 30 day luxury rehab may be just what you need to get your life back.

30 Day Luxury Rehab: Have I hit bottom?

Many people who delay going to treatment because they don’t think they really need it. When we think of someone who has “hit bottom” we think of someone who has lost everything. We picture someone living under a bridge or in a car, with no family, friends, or money. While hitting bottom can certainly look like that, it doesn’t have to. Many people who come into 30 day luxury rehab still have homes and money in the bank. They have not lost their jobs or their families. In all cases, however, the emotions are the same. Most people feel empty. Alcohol and drugs are no longer working. It isn’t fun anymore. They want to quit but they can’t.

30 Day Luxury Rehab: What can I expect?

Every person is different, and everyone’s needs are different. A 30 day luxury rehab understands this. This is why at a 30 day luxury rehab; your program will be tailored specifically to your needs. When you arrive at a 30 day luxury rehab, an addiction counselor will take note of your background and your medical history. They will design a program specifically for you.

30 Day Luxury Rehab: Detox

Some drugs are very physically addicting. When use is stopped or significantly reduced, you can experience withdrawal. Withdrawal can be very uncomfortable. Fear of this discomfort prevents many people from seeking help. At a 30 day luxury rehab, however, you do not have to fear the withdrawal process. This is because you will have a safe, medical detox. In the medical detox phase of a 30 day luxury rehab, medical professionals will be able to administer medications that treat the withdrawal symptoms. They will ensure that your detox from drugs and or alcohol is as safe and comfortable as possible. There will also be treatments to manage withdrawal such as massage and acupuncture.

30 Day Luxury Rehab: Treatment options

Because 30 day luxury rehab has more resources and fewer clients than a traditional treatment center, they are able to offer more treatment options. Along with traditional therapies, you will have access to holistic medicine, alternate therapy, and the finest addiction professionals. Not to mention, a 30 day luxury rehab is more like a stay at a resort than at a treatment center. You will have completely private, luxurious accommodations, gourmet food, and spa treatments. You will also have private transportation and access to your phone and laptop, so you can keep connected while you are away. 30 day luxury rehab has a greater success rate than traditional rehab, because each client is treated as an individual and is given ample one-on-one attention.

If you or a loved one are in need of luxury drug and alcohol rehab please give our addiction specialist a call 24/7 at 800-845-6827.

5 Reasons to Check into a Luxury Treatment Center in Florida

5 Reasons to Check into a Luxury Treatment Center in Florida

1. Going to a luxury treatment Center in Florida can literally save your life

Checking into a luxury treatment center in Florida can actually save your life. Addiction is a deadly disease, and many alcoholics and drug addicts are teetering on the brink of death due to their disease. Many alcoholics and addicts die while waiting to get in to treatment. One bonus of a luxury treatment center in Florida is that you will not have to be put on a waiting list. You will immediately get the help you so need.

2. Going to a  luxury treatment center in Florida can give you a new network of positive people in your life

Some people need this more than ever, but anyone can benefit from having more people in their life that are clean and sober. Checking into a luxury treatment center in Florida allows you to meet other like-minded individuals who are trying to change their lives for the better. It is important to have sober supports both in treatment and in early sobriety.

3. Going to a luxury treatment center in Florida helps you stay sober in those early days

Some people cannot even string together two days of sober time when they try to do it on their own. That is because the first 30 to 90 days of sobriety are the hardest. Many people are also physically addicted to drugs or alcohol and withdrawal can be very uncomfortable. Most of these people end up relapsing just to relieve the discomfort. Checking into a luxury treatment center in Florida allows you to have a medical detox plus a safe environment in which to spend those first few weeks. At this point, the fog can start to lift, and an addict or alcoholic can decide whether they really want to stay sober or not. Without even a baseline of abstinence, it’s difficult to even make a lucid decision about recovery.

4. Going to a luxury treatment center in Florida can set you up for long term success

Anyone can get clean and sober. The hard part is staying clean and sober. And the rate of recovery from drugs and alcohol is very small. Why not do everything you can to increase your likelihood of success?

Checking into a luxury treatment center in Florida can increase your chances of staying sober in the long term. It will allow you to work through issues with a therapist, introduce you to twelve step meetings, and improve your overall health.

5.   Going to a luxury treatment center in Florida can help you rebuild relationships

Often in addiction, addicts and alcoholics damage relationships that they may think are beyond repair. The foundation for doing so is going to be continuous sobriety. Checking into a luxury treatment center in Florida can be the first step towards this goal. Also, luxury treatment centers in Florida offer family programs where your loved ones can come and attend therapy with you. Having family sessions with a therapist can help repair and rebuild those relationships.

Luxury Addiction Treatment Facilities

Luxury addiction treatment facilities maximize the ease and comfort of the experience of getting sober. With above and beyond treatments, accommodations, and service, luxury addiction treatment facilities are the way to get clean and sober in style and comfort. Here is a list of things that set luxury addiction treatment facilities apart:

1.) Qualified addiction therapists: One of the most important benefits of luxury addiction treatment facilities is the quality of their caregivers. Luxury addiction treatment facilities employ only the best and most qualified addiction experts to work with you.

2.) Personalized treatment: Many traditional alcohol rehabs simply have too many clients to be able to give everyone an individualized experience. Luxury addiction treatment facilities will design a program based on your needs and give you ample one-on-one attention.

3.) Gourmet food: Luxury addiction treatment facilities recognize that to truly recover from this damaging disease, you must lay the groundwork for a healthy lifestyle. Luxury addiction treatment facilities have quality, fresh food available and in most cases personal chefs and catered meals. They also offer vitamin therapy and fresh fruit infusions to help you get back to your optimum level of health.

4.) Privacy: Luxury addiction treatment facilities recognize the need for complete confidentiality when they cater to clients. Since they cater to high profile individuals such as pro-athletes, business executives, celebrities, and politicians, luxury addiction treatment facilities understand that absolute discretion is paramount.

5.) Alternative treatment: Many traditional treatment centers do not have the resources to offer the wide range of treatment options that are available at luxury addiction treatment facilities. Luxury addiction treatment facilities offer amenities like acupuncture, aromatherapy, spa services, equine therapy, and massage. Luxury addiction treatment facilities recognize that addiction is a 3-fold disease. To truly recover, all of the facets of the disease must be addressed. Research has shown that even a single alternative therapy integrated into the treatment experience can triple the rates of successful sobriety.

5.) Accommodations: Luxury addiction treatment facilities allow you to recover in the most elegant surroundings. They offer private, luxurious housing with beautiful, serene views and a staff to cater to your every need. Luxury addiction treatment facilities recognize the importance of comfort and quiet when you are trying to recover from this insidious disease. You will have all the comforts of home and more.

6.) Inspiration and motivation: Luxury addiction treatment facilities realize that in order to build a strong, healthy future, you must lay down the groundwork while in treatment. They offer you opportunities to further your education, family programs to repair your relationship with your loved ones, and life and relationship coaches to help you further your personal and professional goals.

Luxury addiction treatment facilities are truly a worthwhile investment. They will help you build a solid foundation for which to build a life free of drugs and alcohol. It is no wonder that luxury addiction treatment facilities have a higher success rate than traditional treatment. They are able to provide the tools you need for a healthy, happy, and productive future.