Advantages of Private Drug Rehab

Advantages of Private Drug Rehab

When you are choosing a rehab center you must also have to choose between a public and private drug rehab. While both private drug rehab and public drug rehab have some advantages, you want to pick the drug rehab that is right for you and in many instances that tends to be a private drug rehab.

The primary advantage of a public drug rehab is the low or even no cost to attend it. If money isn’t an issue for you than private drug rehab will be perfect for you. While private drug rehab isn’t low or no cost it is worth the amount it costs to go because it has many added benefits that you are paying for.

Here are the advantages of private drug rehab:

Advantages of private drug rehab: Privacy

Just as the name private drug rehab states, it also provides just that: privacy. A private drug rehab, much unlike a public drug rehab, will have a smaller group which means that privacy is much more tended too. The less people that know about your attendance at private drug rehab the better right? Also private drug rehab is specifically designed around the idea of being especially discreet and confidential. Private drug rehab offers specific services to keep this in mind such as transportation and single person accommodations.

Advantages of private drug rehab: People just like you

Because of the cost to attend private drug rehab, the people who attend it usually to be fairly the same economically and career-wise. This means that you will have people who you can relate to and who most likely have some of the same financial, familial, and career issues that you have. This is especially helpful when trying to get off drugs and keep everything in tact at the same time. You will be able to bounce ideas and solutions off your peers.

Advantages of private drug rehab: More one on one time

Because not as many people go to private drug rehab there are less people in attendance. This means that all the focus and care that you need you will be able to get. There will be no waiting to see a therapist or getting help for when you are struggling with something. You will be able to receive a unique and specialized program for helping you stay sober and be able to utilize anytime you want.

Advantages of private drug rehab: All the other stuff

Private drug rehab usually offers many luxury amenities and this is part of the reason it costs a bit more to go. It is well worth it though because private drug rehab offers many things such as:

  • Acupuncture
  • Vitamin Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Chiropractic care
  • Gym memberships
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Yoga classes
  • Luxury accommodations
  • Private transportation
  • Catered meals
  • Nutrition groups
  • Spa days
  • Deep sea fishing

And a lot more. Private drug rehab also allows you other specific things that public drug rehab couldn’t so you can keep everything in order while you attend. For instance you will be allowed your cellphone and laptop in order to keep your business or career moving forward while you get better again.

There are tons of advantages of private rehab that make it well worth it. The biggest advantage of private rehab though is the fact that you get to get your life back, get sober, and learn how to stay sober all in the comfortable and relaxing environment of a luxury treatment center.

Resort Style Rehabilitation

What is Resort Style Rehab

What is Resort Style Rehab?

Resort style rehab refers to drug rehabilitation facilities that resemble luxury resorts. They are a destination for relaxation and recreation while getting the necessary treatment and care for drug and alcohol addictions. Resort style rehabs provide amenities and accommodations such five-star dining, plush penthouse suites, entertainment, sports, and outings to local area tourism such as beaches and shopping districts.


First and foremost, the mission of resort style rehabs is to provide comfort and relaxation. Besides physically “getting away from it all,” you get to relax in a comfortable setting with access to services and amenities that promote peace of mind and tranquility. For example, resort style rehabs provide such ancient practices as acupuncture, massage therapy, and aromatherapy. Luxury rehabs also offer spa experiences as part and parcel of your stay. Basically, anything that promotes serenity and relaxation while beginning a new and healthy lifestyle can be found at a resort style rehabilitation center.


Resort style rehabs provide luxurious living quarters like those you would expect to find at any up-scale resort. The residences are private, penthouse style condominiums with all of the amenities of home: comfortable lounging furniture, personal entertainment systems such as state-of-the-art flat screen televisions, lavishly comfortable beds, secluded patios, and private kitchen and dining areas. And, of course, your own private bath.

Alternative and Holistic Methods of Therapy

Another aspect of resort style rehabilitation is that it offers holistic healing practices and alternative methods to treatment. Typically, resort style rehabs will offer one-on-one sessions with expert nutritionists and chiropractors. There is guided meditation, hypnotherapy, yoga therapy, reflexology, music therapy, and art therapy. Resort style rehabs may provide equine-assisted therapy, homeopathy, naturopathy, Ayurvedic medicine practices, and Reiki healing. These are all offered on-premises and many times brought to you in the privacy of your own exclusive residence while staying at a resort style rehab center.

Recreation and Entertainment

At any resort style rehab, you will find on-premises and exclusive pools and hot tubs, fitness centers, and often times saunas and steam rooms. They may provide art classes such as painting, drawing and ceramics. And depending on its location, resort style rehabs provide for trips to go skiing, kayaking, beach going, golfing, horseback riding, deep-sea fishing, and exclusive shopping.

Other Amenities

Resort style rehabilitation programs and facilities offer various other exclusive amenities not found at typical rehabs. These include Limo service, private visitation with family and friends, and gourmet meals prepared by five-star chefs.

Benefits to a Resort Style Rehab

Resort style rehabs incorporate everything there is to nourish the mind, body, and spirit to facilitate the healing process once you make a commitment to a sober lifestyle. Although many other rehabs boast individualized treatment plans, only at resort style rehab programs will you find individually-tailored therapy and treatment plans that include a holistic approach with both ancient and state-of-the-art healing techniques. Their mission is to promote health and well-being in an environment of utmost comfort and luxury. Your wants, needs, and expectations will not only be met but, surpassed.


Private Rehab Center

Private Rehab Center

When I write about a private rehab center I am not just writing about the privacy and exclusivity of the rehab center but also of the exquisite and flawless way a private rehab center is run and coordinated. At a private rehab center, privacy is of paramount importance, yes but it’s also about making sure this privacy includes everything a premier treatment facility should provide. A private rehab center should first and foremost protect and make it their mission to instill the amount of privacy for you based on your status and how much cover you want. Going to a rehab center is not something we all can be open and willing to share about. That is why there are rehab centers which deal in privacy and exclusivity such as Luxury Treatment Center.


A private rehab center also provides multiple unique treatments that are specifically designed for a high end rehab. If you are a high profile client looking for a private rehab center know that they are readily available and are in a phenomenal location. A private rehab center can allow you to literally disappear and take a vacation to regain your composure again. Private rehab centers are different than most luxury rehab centers in the sense that they cater to your exact needs and wants.

Your recovery at a private rehab center will feel effortless and flawless because all you have to worry and focus on is yourself while the rehab center does the rest. The rest would be your worries about food, transportation, accommodations, groups, work, and amenities. The private rehab centers usually offer unique amenities that are more luxurious and exclusive to a more executive cliental. A private rehab center is ideal in the options they give you. Amenities such as yoga, aromatherapy, spa experiences, equine therapy, golfing, deep sea fishing, gourmet food, limo services, massage therapy, acupuncture, and a fully equipped luxury gym. All these things can be found at luxury treatment center and give you a unique experience that can allow you to do the things you love to do on your downtime or even try something for the first time. The whole point of a private rehab center is to give you the luxury and comfort of home in the most discreet way possible. Private rehab centers are perfect for someone like you because you deserve the best. You have worked too hard for too long to be treated any less, am I right? Come into a private rehab center and make sure you are fully catered too.

Private Drug Rehab

Private Drug Rehab

Many people prefer going to a private drug rehab when looking into treatment options.  When they begin their search, they quickly discover that there are many private drug rehabs available for them to choose from. Many treatment centers will boast being private drug rehabs when really they don’t fit the criteria, many are actually private drug rehabs with some of the characteristics and others actually fit the bill. Private drug rehab describes drug and alcohol treatment centers that have more amenities, a more relaxed and at home like environment in a small or secluded area and are more often private pay. This doesn’t mean that insurance won’t cover private drug rehab it just all depends on the individual drug and alcohol treatment center.

The most important part of a private drug rehab though is the fact that it has the added benefit of a private service which keeps the client’s identity and status safe from those who could use it to harm them. For instance, at a private drug rehab the client doesn’t have to worry about losing their job or status in society due to attending a drug treatment center. With a private drug rehab everything is kept 100% confidential.

A private drug rehab provides a lot more than a traditional drug rehab aside from privacy. A private drug rehab provides things such as one on one therapy during the week, nutritious or gourmet food, varied options for exercise and extracurricular activities, and many holistic methods such as equine therapy, acupuncture, art therapy or massage therapy. Private drug rehab also will be in an environment that is peaceful and tranquil. There are many benefits to attending a private drug rehab in comparison to a traditional drug rehab and all of these benefits not only make a private drug rehab exclusive but also effective. Some of the other added benefits of private drug rehab are things like:

  • A smaller sized facility so that means more attention from the staff
  • Beautiful environment in a secluded and peaceful area
  • Added nutritional value through gourmet foods and many food options
  • Comfortable accommodations that are meant to feel like home and are well designed
  • More options when it comes to the type of therapy and activities to engage in to help the overall wellness of the client.

Private drug rehab centers also offer more than just rehab. Private drug rehab offers treatments such as private detox, therapies, drug education as well as unique and specific drug treatment plans. Private drug rehabs as well as any drug rehab put in the extra effort to treat all clients and people with dignity, respect and kindness.

Getting sober can change any addict or alcoholic’s life and it can be done in comfort and ease with a private drug rehab. No person should have to worry about their information getting out, their food being less than nutritious, and their wellness plan being generalized. At a private drug rehab everything is unique to the individual client so they can get the most out of their recovery and their life long after their time in a drug rehabilitation center is complete.

If you or a loved one are in need of luxury drug and alcohol rehab please give our addiction specialist a call 24/7 at 800-845-6827


How Can I Find a Private Detox?

What is a private detox?

Private detoxes unlike public detoxes provide you with a more personal and one on one detox care. In public facilities you may not have the privacy, luxury or comfortable settings or medical options available to you.  Private detoxes are not overcrowded. Private detoxes pride themselves on keeping their census low to insure peace and serenity for each client. That is one of the great things about a private detox, is the ability for the focus to really be on each individual and their needs in order to help them to achieve the ultimate goal of sobriety.

How can I find a private detox?

Nowadays when you want the answer to a question where do you turn to? Most people instantly search on their smart phones on computers. The easiest way to get started on your search for a private detox facility is to use the Internet.

Google terms like private detox center, private detox facility, where can I find a private detox?

The Internet can tell you where and what kind of private detoxes are available to you. While private detox is not as common as public detox there are still multiple options out there and you should find the right private detox for yourself. When you begin searching for a private detox make sure that each individual facility is properly licensed and staffed with 24/7 available medical professionals. There are way too many “hole in the wall” detox facilities that claim to be qualified and they are not.

Plus, you might want to rule out any treatment facility that doesn’t have an online presence. Any reputable company in this day of age invests time and money into their online real estate. Although we don’t consciously think about it having a website or online presence is going to automatically ease your fears of whether or not a company is reputable. If a private detox has no online presence they may not have been around long enough and when your health is involved you want to make sure you attend an experienced and established facility.

You can also check with the Better Business Bureau to see if they are registered, what their ratings are and if they have any outstanding complaints.

You want to attend a private detox that is at least accredited by its’ states health governing bodies. For example, our private detox is certified by the Florida Department of Children and Families for the treatment of substance abuse and mental health services, Joint Commission, Better Business Bureau and has professional medical staff available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

SAMSHA Treatment Locator

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration publishes an annual book of all the drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers within the United States. This is a very valuable resource for anyone looking for private detoxes and private treatment centers.

You’ll have many options ranging from small to large detox facilities and treatment centers. You’ll also be able to search private and public facilities alike. Visit for more information.

Be opened minded when searching for a private detox.

Deciding to get sober and go to a private detox is the first step. Congratulations! Be sure that you stay open minded and keep your options open. Do not settle and do not go with the first private detox you find. Call many private detoxes in your search and ask them specific questions about their program to make sure that it will be a good match for you. Ask them specifically if they have individualized treatment and high end amenities which is what makes a private detox. Ask them if they offer one on one care, holistic therapies, and as comfortable a detox as possible. These kinds of questions will allow you to determine which private detox is right for you so you can get sober with comfort and ease, knowing you are in the right place.

Happy Hunting!

Differences in Private vs Public Rehabs

Differences in Private vs Public

There are many differences in private rehabs and public rehabs. At first glance, the public rehabs seem to be the better choice and in some cases they may be. Public rehabs are funded by state government and are required to treat all patients seeking care regardless of their ability to pay. Getting into a public rehab center may take a long time since they are waiting list and if you don’t have insurance it can’t make your wait even longer. Most public rehabs do not offer supervised medical-detox which means they won’t provide you with medications to alleviate the discomfort of withdrawal. The level of care you can receive in a public rehab is optimal but not personable. In public rehab you’ll experience many group therapies and in a hospital-like setting. There aren’t many intimate therapy sessions or holistic treatments happening in public rehabs. medical care for all patients. Public rehabs are more affordable but they don’t offer personalized treatment for each client that walks through their doors and at times clients can be discharged before they’re truly ready.

A private rehab is a for-profit facility that offers the same medical treatments for drug and alcohol rehab that public rehabs offer but with a smaller physician to client and therapist to client ratio for a more personalized care. Private rehabs offer onsite residences, supervised medical detox, group therapy, individual therapy, holistic drug treatments, outside activities, AA 12 Step Meetings, NA 12 Step Meetings, and much more. Each private rehab has their own pricing structure and some will accept medicaid while others only accept private insurance. If you have good insurance coverage (which should pay for a majority of your care) or have the means to fund your own treatment, a quality private rehab is probably the better choice, and offers you the best chance at sobriety. It’s important that you do your research when looking for a private rehab center because not every private rehab center is created equal. You want to invest your money, time and care into the best private rehab center possible.

A private rehab will charge more than a public rehab but it will offer comfort, private accommodation, better staff to patient ratios, more individual therapy with a trained and licensed therapist or psychologist, and are often set in beautiful and tranquil environments ideally suited to the self reflection and medications of rehab. A private rehab is also more likely to be well equipped with programs and classes very beneficial to the healing of the mind, body and spirit and opposed to just the “disease”. In private rehabs you’ll have access to amenities like the gym, yoga, meditation and other programs that contribute to the healing of each client as a whole.

When searching for a private or public rehab you want to make sure that any private rehab facility under consideration is worthy of your money, has a good reputation, and offers quality treatment programs. If it does, it is probably the best available option. If you have insurance that covers and minimizes your total contribution into the treatment costs, you should certainly seek out a private rehab. Of course any treatment is better than no treatment, and if your financial status does not allow for participation in a better private rehab, you need to evaluate the available options and select the best public rehabilitation center. The best private rehabs are far better than anything else offered, and if you have the money or coverage, they are well worth the investment in your future sobriety and happiness. Do your research, ask around (ask your doctor, ask the local health board) and get the best treatment you can reasonably afford. The best public rehab is far better than the worst for profit, but in general and on average; you get what you pay for. The main differences in public vs. private rehab are not necessarily what they offer but really how much they cost.