Alcohol Rehab with Spa Treatments

Alcohol Rehab with Spa Treatments


Hardly a week goes by that we don’t hear of some new high-profile actor, singer, or politician checking into a center to treat a drug or alcohol problem. And when a celebrity goes to rehab, it’s often to an exclusive facility with marble baths, ocean views, and a full spa. But, spa-like treatment is becoming more and more the norm when it comes to alcohol rehab. The focus of alcohol rehab with spa treatments is the patient’s comfort. Detox and rehab can be both physically and psychologically taxing for the alcoholic who is convalescing.  There are withdrawal symptoms and an adjustment period to living without the use of alcohol.

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab with Spa Treatments provides clients with the feeling of staying at a major resort or luxury hotel. Such programs combine recreation with classes designed to help recovering alcoholics learn to develop a lifestyle independent from substances or addictive behaviors that have previously run their lives. These programs provide retreat where clients can take a vacation from the difficulties of their daily lives and more rigorous schedules to make a major change for the better.

Alcohol Rehab with Spa Treatments

Alcohol Rehab with Spa Treatments is designed for those seeking treatment for alcohol abuse and addiction within a resort-like environment. Research supports the efficacy and the therapeutic value of a relaxed, vacation-like atmosphere.

Alcohol Rehab with Spa Treatments helps clients return to a sober lifestyle and assimilate back into mainstream society. Addressing the sources and contributing factors of addiction, and how to cope with stress and misfortune are the principal focuses of most programs. Alcohol rehab with spa treatments and recovery programs include:

  • exercise programs
  • group and/or one-on-one therapy
  • meditation classes
  • nutritional instructional
  • workshops for stress management and relapse prevention
  • yoga

Alcohol Rehab with Spa Treatments are staffed by doctors and fully licensed mental health professionals, as well as certified nutritionists and instructors. While the same treatment methodologies are employed as in any traditional setting, the amenities are considerably better. Luxurious services providing outer beauty and inner peace leave clients feeling more at ease for the duration of their stay.

Massage therapy is probably the key treatment of a refined and exquisite spa experience. Massage therapy has been shown to not only help with relaxation but also helps with circulation and overall physical wellbeing.

Facials are good for detoxifying skin. As the clients discontinue their use of alcohol, the toxins begin to come through the pores of their skin. That is why the spa experience of facials is so important. Facials will leave the client feeling clear, refreshed, healthy and hydrated. Clients will glow with the life that they are beginning to enjoy again.

Body Treatments are different than massages in the sense that the focus is to nourish the skin. Body treatments are similar to a facial but, for the whole body. A spa experience body treatment will leave the skin healthy, hydrated, replenished, and renewed. It is important to take care of the skin. After all, it is the largest organ in the body and also, the first thing others see.

















30 Day Luxury Rehab

30 Day Luxury Rehab

30 Day Luxury Rehab

The first step of solving any problem is to admit that you have one. It takes a very strong person to admit they have a drug and alcohol problem and that they may need help. A 30 day luxury rehab may be just what you need to get your life back.

30 Day Luxury Rehab: Have I hit bottom?

Many people who delay going to treatment because they don’t think they really need it. When we think of someone who has “hit bottom” we think of someone who has lost everything. We picture someone living under a bridge or in a car, with no family, friends, or money. While hitting bottom can certainly look like that, it doesn’t have to. Many people who come into 30 day luxury rehab still have homes and money in the bank. They have not lost their jobs or their families. In all cases, however, the emotions are the same. Most people feel empty. Alcohol and drugs are no longer working. It isn’t fun anymore. They want to quit but they can’t.

30 Day Luxury Rehab: What can I expect?

Every person is different, and everyone’s needs are different. A 30 day luxury rehab understands this. This is why at a 30 day luxury rehab; your program will be tailored specifically to your needs. When you arrive at a 30 day luxury rehab, an addiction counselor will take note of your background and your medical history. They will design a program specifically for you.

30 Day Luxury Rehab: Detox

Some drugs are very physically addicting. When use is stopped or significantly reduced, you can experience withdrawal. Withdrawal can be very uncomfortable. Fear of this discomfort prevents many people from seeking help. At a 30 day luxury rehab, however, you do not have to fear the withdrawal process. This is because you will have a safe, medical detox. In the medical detox phase of a 30 day luxury rehab, medical professionals will be able to administer medications that treat the withdrawal symptoms. They will ensure that your detox from drugs and or alcohol is as safe and comfortable as possible. There will also be treatments to manage withdrawal such as massage and acupuncture.

30 Day Luxury Rehab: Treatment options

Because 30 day luxury rehab has more resources and fewer clients than a traditional treatment center, they are able to offer more treatment options. Along with traditional therapies, you will have access to holistic medicine, alternate therapy, and the finest addiction professionals. Not to mention, a 30 day luxury rehab is more like a stay at a resort than at a treatment center. You will have completely private, luxurious accommodations, gourmet food, and spa treatments. You will also have private transportation and access to your phone and laptop, so you can keep connected while you are away. 30 day luxury rehab has a greater success rate than traditional rehab, because each client is treated as an individual and is given ample one-on-one attention.

If you or a loved one are in need of luxury drug and alcohol rehab please give our addiction specialist a call 24/7 at 800-845-6827.

Residential Executive Treatment Program

Residential executive treatment program

Residential executive treatment program

In the course of building up their success it is common for those who work so hard to lean on substances and drinking to cope with the stress of their business and professional life. A residential executive treatment program exists to ensure that those people do not lose everything they have worked so hard to achieve over their lifetime while keeping the lifestyle they are used to.

Residential executive treatment programs provide comforts above and beyond those of ordinary treatment programs. This doesn’t mean that residential executive treatment programs are any less serious. In fact residential executive treatment programs ensure that their facility has the most experienced addiction care specialists in the world to help those struggling with drug alcohol abuse to get back on their feet.

A residential executive treatment program is different than detox or long-term treatment. The word residential merely means that there is a residence for each patient to reside in. The residences at an executive treatment program are filled with luxurious amenities and are uniquely designed for each individual who wishes to attend treatment. The residences include all the comforts of home in order to make each individual feel like they didn’t go very far to take care of themselves. Making the decision to get clean doesn’t need to be uncomfortable nor does it need to be a step down from what they are used to at home.

Residential executive treatment programs offer the most effective therapies and treatments available in the rehab world to date. Those who attend residential executive treatment can relax and immerse themselves in the amenities as well as the high end program that is offered. Residential executive treatment programs exist simply to give the patient the best possible chance of lasting recovery by alleviating all the burdens so they can focus on their quest for well-being.

The different amenities, comforts and luxuries provided at a residential executive treatment program make rehab more manageable than ordinary drug alcohol rehabs. This does not mean that the process of rehab is easy or the detox will be painless but it does mean that the executive treatment program is committed to being one of the most comfortable places in the world to start your recovery. From the staff of renowned doctors, to the techs in detox, the techs at the residence; the executive high end distractions during your residential program will help you to keep your mind off any pain you may be experiencing.

In the competitive profession world it is imperative that there are residential executive treatment programs not only for their amenities and world class programs but also because of their privacy and anonymity. Being in the business world, the public disclosure of a client’s substance abuse could ruin them so it is of utmost importance that each residential executive treatment program keep anonymity and privacy as a top priority. Residential executive treatment programs afford each individual the luxury of first-rate discretion and comfort in knowing their private life stays private.

Residential executive programs are designed around the individual not in general for all people. This is how a place such as an executive program can help those who have worked so hard and just need a little nudge to get back on track.