Alcohol Rehab with Spa Treatments

Alcohol Rehab with Spa Treatments


Hardly a week goes by that we don’t hear of some new high-profile actor, singer, or politician checking into a center to treat a drug or alcohol problem. And when a celebrity goes to rehab, it’s often to an exclusive facility with marble baths, ocean views, and a full spa. But, spa-like treatment is becoming more and more the norm when it comes to alcohol rehab. The focus of alcohol rehab with spa treatments is the patient’s comfort. Detox and rehab can be both physically and psychologically taxing for the alcoholic who is convalescing.  There are withdrawal symptoms and an adjustment period to living without the use of alcohol.

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab with Spa Treatments provides clients with the feeling of staying at a major resort or luxury hotel. Such programs combine recreation with classes designed to help recovering alcoholics learn to develop a lifestyle independent from substances or addictive behaviors that have previously run their lives. These programs provide retreat where clients can take a vacation from the difficulties of their daily lives and more rigorous schedules to make a major change for the better.

Alcohol Rehab with Spa Treatments

Alcohol Rehab with Spa Treatments is designed for those seeking treatment for alcohol abuse and addiction within a resort-like environment. Research supports the efficacy and the therapeutic value of a relaxed, vacation-like atmosphere.

Alcohol Rehab with Spa Treatments helps clients return to a sober lifestyle and assimilate back into mainstream society. Addressing the sources and contributing factors of addiction, and how to cope with stress and misfortune are the principal focuses of most programs. Alcohol rehab with spa treatments and recovery programs include:

  • exercise programs
  • group and/or one-on-one therapy
  • meditation classes
  • nutritional instructional
  • workshops for stress management and relapse prevention
  • yoga

Alcohol Rehab with Spa Treatments are staffed by doctors and fully licensed mental health professionals, as well as certified nutritionists and instructors. While the same treatment methodologies are employed as in any traditional setting, the amenities are considerably better. Luxurious services providing outer beauty and inner peace leave clients feeling more at ease for the duration of their stay.

Massage therapy is probably the key treatment of a refined and exquisite spa experience. Massage therapy has been shown to not only help with relaxation but also helps with circulation and overall physical wellbeing.

Facials are good for detoxifying skin. As the clients discontinue their use of alcohol, the toxins begin to come through the pores of their skin. That is why the spa experience of facials is so important. Facials will leave the client feeling clear, refreshed, healthy and hydrated. Clients will glow with the life that they are beginning to enjoy again.

Body Treatments are different than massages in the sense that the focus is to nourish the skin. Body treatments are similar to a facial but, for the whole body. A spa experience body treatment will leave the skin healthy, hydrated, replenished, and renewed. It is important to take care of the skin. After all, it is the largest organ in the body and also, the first thing others see.

















Women’s Luxury Treatment Programs

Women’s Luxury Treatment Programs

Luxury treatment programs are designed for the comfort of the individual. At a luxury treatment center, it is not uncommon for the individual to live in accommodations that rival those found in four or five-star resorts. A women’s treatment program focuses on the issues that affect women specifically. Women are underrepresented in most treatment centers, because women have a harder time reaching out for help. Women’s luxury treatment programs combine the two. They feature state of the art, luxurious facilities combined with programs that focus on women’s issues.

Women’s Luxury Treatment Programs: Comfort and Security

A gender-specific treatment center for women is a place where a woman can heal, gain strength from her peers and rebuild her life so that she can once again become a fully functioning part of her family or rebuild her career. In women’s luxury treatment programs, staff works hard to minimize any outside stress in a woman’s life. They provide luxury meals, laundry service, and round-the-clock cleaning services. Moreover, no one needs to know you are in women’s luxury treatment programs unless you want them to. You will be completely ensconced in the most luxurious surroundings so you have the best opportunity to heal and grow.

Women’s Luxury Treatment Programs: The Treatment

At women’s luxury treatment programs, women address core issues related to their addiction such as self-image problems, co-dependent relationships and the pressures associated with “having it all.” Many women are plagued by feelings of guilt and shame when it comes to addiction. They think they are alone. Women’s luxury treatment programs allow you to connect and bond with other women who suffer from addiction. They focus on the issues specific to women.

Women’s Luxury Treatment Programs: Underlying or Dual Diagnosis

Women’s luxury treatment programs are equipped to address some of the underlying causes of drug or alcohol addiction that are commonly experienced by women. These could include eating disorders, depression, anxiety, sexual abuse, or shopping addiction. While men also experience these issues, it is less common than with women. By addressing these co-occurring disorders, women’s luxury treatment programs can give you a higher likelihood of long-term recovery. Studies have conclusively shown that women have a better chance of long-term recovery in women’s only treatment programs.

Women’s Luxury Treatment Programs: Nutrition and Fitness

For long lasting recovery, women must learn how to have a healthy life-style. At women’s luxury treatment programs, treatment is geared towards the nutritional and fitness needs of women. Having gourmet, healthy food options, yoga, massage, and women’s fitness experts on staff are just a few of the benefits of women’s luxury treatment programs. You will have access to the most state of the art equipment, the most skilled fitness experts, and a nutritionist who will design a healthy eating plan just for you. Women’s only treatment programs are set up to pamper you. You will have access to extensive spa treatments, including massage, aromatherapy, steam baths, exfoliating scrubs, facials, colonics, manicures, etc. Women’s only treatment centers provide you with all the amenities of a five star resort.