Life Coaching at Luxury Rehab

Life Coaching at Luxury Rehab

Life Coaching at Luxury Rehab

Life coaching is popular these days.  A life coach is someone you hire to help you with your personal development especially when it comes to setting and achieving specific goals for yourself. Life coaches often share advice, offer guidance, help you make plans and hold you accountable to taking action towards your goals. Life coaching at luxury rehab specifically helps you to achieve the goals you set for yourself in sobriety usually dealing with sobriety.

Life coaching at luxury rehab might be right for you if you are dealing with any of the following:

  • *I’ve had a problem or challenge (addiction or alcoholism) that’s been around for a long time, but I’ve never managed to sort it out.
  • *I have a pressing issue to resolve but don’t know where to start.
  • *Things are OK for me but could be better.
  • *I seem to spend all of my life trying to catch up.
  • *My life seems to be all work and no play.
  • *I think things would be great if only I had a new job, I could lose weight, I could sell my house, could get clean and sober etc.
  • *I feel isolated in my job but find it difficult to talk to colleagues in case they take it as a sign that I’ve failed.
  • *I’m hiding relationship problems because I can’t share them with family and friends, as this would feel dis-loyal to my partner.
  • *I’m in a rut and feel too drained to get out of it (alcoholism and addiction).
  • *I’ve lost direction (alcoholism and addiction).

So what are the benefits of life coaching at luxury rehab?

There are numerous benefits to life coaching at luxury rehab and all those benefits are unique and specific to your situation, life, family, career, goals, dreams, ideals, beliefs etc.

  • *You get to talk about your problems and challenges with someone who’s not going to interrupt you, make judgments about you or your addiction, criticize what you’re saying, or offer opinions based on their own experience.
  • *If you’re feeling negative and lacking in motivation about your recovery, your life coach at luxury rehab will help you challenge limiting assumptions and beliefs you may be holding, about the situations you find yourself in, that are stopping you moving forward.
  • *Life coaching at luxury rehab will give you the space and time to think through your challenges and options.
  • *You can use your life coach at luxury rehab as a sounding board for all of your ideas, like your business plan, what to put in a presentation, how to have a successful interview, how to deal with triggers, how to deal with family issues, how to start a new hobby, your new fitness regime; the list is endless.
  • *If you’ve lost direction, your life coach at luxury rehab will help you to focus by setting you some highly effective exercises, practices, and therapies designed to help you identify what you’d like to have, be and do.
  • *Your life coach at luxury rehab will help you discover your true values, and help you work on a plan for fulfilling them.
  • *Everything you say will be in total confidence. This is of the utmost importance when it comes to life coaching at luxury rehab
  • *Your life coach at luxury rehab will offer suggestions if it is appropriate and something you would welcome.


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Executive Rehab

Executive Rehab

Executive Rehab

Executive rehab is exclusive to those high profile clients that include business executives, celebrities, professional athletes and more. Executive rehab allows high profile clients to come into an atmosphere with like-minded individuals who are trying to achieve the same thing they are; lasting sobriety. Executive rehab realizes the importance of each client’s professional career so it allows executives, celebrities and the like to continue with their day to day duties while also staying in a comfortable and relaxed setting that is paramount to finding recovery from drugs and alcohol.

High profile individuals know the daily stressors of work, life, and families/loved ones. Due to the all the stress there may be a need to relax by taking prescription medications, drinking or using illicit substances. This use may eventually turn into serious issues which begin to affect work, family life, social life and more. That is why executive rehab offers different approaches for individuals who live busy career so they can find the tools that fit their lifestyle. Executive rehab realizes the demand for work and lifestyle while also staying sober so it offers the most unique treatments available to each client so each client may take with them what they need to not only stay sober but also to remain active in all aspects of their life. It can be hard to find time to do the things necessary to stay sober but there are a lot of different options out there on what can help with sobriety. For instance executive rehab offers:

  • Massage therapy
  • Spa therapy
  • Personal trainers
  • Acupuncture
  • Holistic medicine
  • Nutritionists
  • Yoga

Some of the other benefits of executive rehab include its’ exclusivity for high profile clients. Because of this, like-minded people who live similar lifestyles find commonality and comfort amongst each other. When people with similar lifestyles are trying to achieve the same things it allows each client to help each other. When an individual at executive rehab comes up with a solution in group therapy they can share this solution to a daily life situation with the rest of the group and it will apply and be relevant to the other client’s situations. Without executive rehab, high profile clients could find themselves unable to relate to other client’s in a more traditional rehab. Not only that but many of the clients at a traditional rehab may be at different points of their life. With executive rehab, high profile individuals are allowed to feel comfortable and open surrounded by people in similar circumstances. This allows recovery to truly begin; the realization that you are not alone in any means is imperative to it.

Executive rehab exists in particular for those individuals who need the extra discrepancy and privacy too. Executive rehab is for high profile clients meaning that the privacy factor is one of the most important factors of the entire experience also.

With all of these things combined executive rehab makes itself the most helpful, effective, comfortable, luxurious, and top notch rehab available to high profile clients like celebrities, pro athletes, executives, and CEOs.

If you or a loved one are in need of luxury drug and alcohol rehab please give our addiction specialist a call 24/7 at 800-845-6827.

Amenities and Accommodations in a Luxury Rehab Private Suite

Luxury Treatment maximizes the ease and comfort of the experience of getting sober. The amenities and accommodations of a luxury rehab private suite offer above and beyond comfort and pampering. Luxury rehabs offer exquisite treatments and therapies for the wealthy. Luxury rehab offers a more private and individualized treatment program in order for those to receive true anonymous treatment while relaxing and being comfortable. Luxury rehab is often labeled as “the way to get clean in comfort and style”!

Most rehabs offer residential accommodations that require a roommate or small apartments. Luxury rehab private suites offer large and spacious floor plans, with private bath, rooms and living areas. Individuals who select to check into private suites get more privacy and mental space to relax, calm down, and think about their recovery. Although luxury rehab treatment is not solely about the fancy things you get to experience while attending, it’s amenities and accommodations are what draw many financially fortunate people to it’s program. Attending drug and alcohol rehab is never going to be a piece of cake regardless of what facility you attend but it’s nice to know that when you’re ready to take your life back and rid yourself of addiction, that you do have the option to attend a luxury rehab center that provides you with the up-most privacy and state of the art accomodations.

Elegant luxury rehabs offer discreet, professional and polished staff that will make you feel at home and provide you with the best clinical care. Our luxury treatment center offers room and boarding in beautiful homes in Delray Beach, Florida; only minutes from the beach. The amenities and accommodations in our luxury rehab private suite give definition to our dedication to your recovery. We offer private suites, bathrooms, kitchens, limo service, meal service, cable and Internet service, acupuncture, yoga, Thai chi, and individual therapy sessions with our clinical staff. We cater to high profile clients like professionals, pro athletes, business executives, celebrities, and entertainers who are seeking discreet and private treatment in order to fully receive the best, non-biased treatment.

This luxury rehab private suite was made specifically for those who know what they want out of a treatment center and have high expectations not only for themselves but for the places they spend their time. Because time is precious, your time is precious so you might as well spend the down time recovering your mind body and soul in one of the most luxurious places possible. You will be on the beach, along with all the amenities and accommodations of home and the catering of a vacation in a luxury rehab private suite.

Luxury Rehab for Opiate Addiction

Luxury rehab for opiate addiction

The withdrawal from an opiate addiction can be extremely frightening, uncomfortable and painful. That is why there is luxury rehab for opiate addiction. Luxury rehab for opiate addiction centers realizes that during this time it can be extremely unpleasant to let go of the drugs. That is why luxury rehab for opiate addiction offers all the comforts of home plus some to help give you the most luxurious and comfortable detox from opiates while helping you to let go of your opiate addiction forever in peace and ease.

Luxury rehab for opiate addiction maximizes the ease and comfort of the experience of getting sober. With the above and beyond treatments, accommodations, and therapies this is the way to get clean in style and comfort. Guests feel truly ensconced in an elegant private residential atmosphere, which includes a discreet and polished staff

Luxury rehab for opiate addiction gives definition to only the most impressive and beautiful places. This is why it is used to describe this treatment center. In the lavish setting of Delray Beach Florida, this kind of treatment is not for just anyone. Its exclusive style with its all-inclusive treatments makes this a perfect place for the best of the best to get away and get sober.

Luxury rehab for opiate addiction includes all the sumptuous comforts that other treatment centers do not. This kind of treatment creates an abundance of positive and monumental moments through its relaxing activities. Luxury rehab for opiate addiction offers all of the amenities you’d find on a luxury vacation, from deep sea fishing to yoga. Luxury rehab for opiate addiction is also unique in what they offer with their premium gourmet meals, the nobility of equine therapy, the beauty of aroma therapy, and the peace and tranquility of the spa. All of which are most gratifying and what makes truly high living in a situation that may make those of us with addiction and alcoholism feel somewhat low. There is no better place to be reminded of what you deserve.

At luxury rehab for opiate addiction you will be able to build your life back in one of the most beautiful and serene locations. You will be delighted to refresh each one of your senses in the lavish intuitive care that takes on a deeper meaning in the private rehabilitation realm. Luxury rehab for opiate addiction immerses your spirit in an extravagantly abundant setting.

The confidential and private rehabilitation experience is perfect for those who are high profile clients, such as; professionals, pro athletes, business executives, celebrities, and entertainers. This luxury rehab for opiate addiction was made specifically for those who know what they want out of a treatment center and have high expectations not only for themselves but for the places they spend their time. Because time is precious, your time is precious so you might as well spend the down time recovering your mind body and soul in one of the most luxurious places possible. You will be on the beach, along with all the comforts of home and the catering of a vacation.


What is Executive Private Rehab?

What is Executive Private Rehab?

In our executive private rehab facilities, you can get well in the company of like-minded individuals who understand the personal, family, and work-related demands of professional life. During your stay, you will network with other executives who can relate to your struggles with addiction. With the support and encouragement of a multi-disciplinary team of experts, you can privately and discreetly address the problems that have prevented you from achieving the ultimate success – sobriety.

Executive private rehab offers the best in modern treatment options, combining holistic therapy with integrative and alternative therapies, as well as more traditional approaches. In addition to individual and group counseling and relapse prevention strategies, our facilities offer yoga, nutritional and spiritual counseling, relationship workshops with our life coaches, and more. Your days will be filled with recovery activities, counseling sessions, physical exercise, balanced nutrition, and sober fun. With dozens of recreational activities available, from golf and deep sea fishing and tai chi, you’re sure to discover activities that reignite your passions and help you reconnect with interests and hobbies you may have lost to chemical dependency.

Although overcoming drug and alcohol addiction is never an easy process, it can be done in style. In the safety and comfort of a private resort environment, you will receive highly personalized care tailored to your individual needs and preferences. Executives with impeccable tastes appreciate gourmet dining, serene landscapes, exquisite views, and luxurious accommodations. And that’s exactly what you’ll find at executive private rehab. At executive private rehab you will be greeted by our warm, friendly staff and shown to your spacious suite with all the top-of-the-line amenities. In some of South Florida’s most stunning locations, working with top medical specialists, you are sure to feel welcome in your new surroundings and inspired to make positive changes. Let the calm of your environment wash away your worries and anxieties so you may focus on the healing process.

Executive private rehab offers business executives and professionals exclusive and comprehensive substance abuse treatment in an environment that is free from the stresses of daily life. Since executive private rehab takes you away from your bustling schedule, executive private rehab understands that it has to be done correctly. At each of our executive private rehab facilities, the client’s satisfaction and privacy are our first priorities.

Exeutives are the best at what they do. So your executive private rehab should be handled by a team of clinical professionals who are the best at what they do. Our facilities have masters-level counselors, licensed physical therapists, personal trainers, acupuncturists, massage therapists, registered dietitians, private chefs, and other outstanding professionals.

Throughout the executive private rehab process, you will learn how to rebuild relationships, set healthy goals and boundaries, and return to your responsibilities with a new sense of personal power due to positive change in mind, body and spirit. Equipped with real-life solutions, our highly trained staff will help you develop coping skills and tools that will ensure a successful, lasting recovery.

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Executive Alcohol Rehab

Executive Alcohol Rehab Essential For A Deserving Life

By: Rhea Rosier

November 21st, 2011

If you are looking for a place to get clean and sober that goes above and beyond the more causual and ordinary alcohol rehab then an executive alcohol rehab may be the right place for you. Executive alcohol rehab is not for the ordinary or casual person looking for alcohol rehabilitation. Executive alcohol rehab is specifically designed for those who are used to a higher class of living. Appreciating the finer things in life is an ideal that an executive alcohol rehab tries to excel. By offering spectacular programs that shine above the rest it makes for a phemomenal rehab experience for those who need a higher standard of care. Executive alcohol rehab instills every one of its clients the love of life again through its multiple experiences that are beautiful, unique, treasured, and luxurious moments.

An executive alcohol rehab is called such because it is essentially designed for more elite business executives who as said before need a higher standard of care. The executive alcohol rehab recognizes that those who are used to a higher standard of living in daily life are going to need a much higher standard of living during their stay at an executive alcohol rehabilitation center.

This is why an executive alcohol rehab offers the things that most executives would experience on their vacations or weekends. Things such as golfing, deep sea fishing, massage therapy, aromatherapy, equine therapy, catered food, yoga and acupuncture. All these things are a part of an executive alcohol rehab for therapeutic and luxury value. Learning how to have fun again as an alcoholic or addict gets sober is absolutely paramount to long lasting sobriety. Also learning what they do or dont like is a big part of getting sober. When someone is using drugs or alcohol they do things that might be out of character for them or that they didnt necessarily enjoy. This is why for those who are ready for life to be filled with relaxation and luxury it is essential to figure out what you can and would want to do sober. Thats just another one of the many reasons executive alcohol rehab offers some of the experiences it does.

Executive alcohol rehab is about so much more than just finding sobriety, its about finding life again. Its about finding happiness in the things that make life worth living. Its about the little things and moments that give you the most pleasure. Its about creating a long lasting life that is finally a representation of what you stand for. An executive alcohol rehab can help you find that.

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