Exercising at Rehab

Exercising at Rehab

Exercising at Rehab

Exercise is an important part of rehab. Now don’t worry, you will not be forced to exercise. If you are not feeling your best or you just don’t feel like working out, you don’t have to. However, if you are committed to building a healthy future beyond just getting off drugs and alcohol, then exercising at rehab is vital.

Exercising at Rehab: Why is it important?

Some alcoholics and addicts come into treatment in pretty bad shape. Drugs and alcohol take a toll on physical health, and most people don’t think about proper nutrition or exercise while they are using drugs and drinking. Exercising at rehab is part of getting better and regaining a healthy body.

Exercising at Rehab: Future Benefits

Exercising at rehab is important because it sets the stage for success after treatment. Studies have shown that addicts and alcoholics who exercise at rehab have better odds at staying clean and sober after rehab. This is because exercising at rehab helps you get in the habit of doing new, healthy activities, and getting rid of destructive tendencies.

Exercising at Rehab: Mental Benefits

Exercising, at drug rehab, releases endorphins, which are feel-good chemicals. This is very important because drug addicts and alcoholics are often lacking in endorphins. Drugs of abuse produce a surge in “pleasure chemicals” when they are used. This is what creates the “high.” With repeated drug use over time, the brain adapts to the increase in pleasure chemicals by producing fewer chemicals in response to drugs and alcohol. This is known as “tolerance” and the user must use or drink more and more to produce the same results. The brain produces fewer pleasure chemicals even when drug and alcohol use is stopped. This is why when someone stops taking drugs and alcohol suddenly; they experience withdrawal symptoms like craving and depression. Exercise causes the body to produce pleasure chemicals, which are very low in addicts and alcoholics after the detox process. It can reduce both the duration and intensity of withdrawal symptoms.

Exercising at Rehab: Self Esteem

Drug addicts and alcoholics typically have low self-esteem, especially when they first come into treatment. Exercising at rehab not only makes you feel better physically, it can also make you feel better about yourself. Exercising at rehab is very important to rebuilding self-esteem and developing a healthy body image.

Exercising at Rehab: Holistic

Exercising at rehab is part of a holistic approach to addiction treatment. To be effective, addiction treatment must treat the whole person-mind, body, and spirit. Holistic addiction treatment aims to treat the person, not just the addiction. This is why exercising at rehab is so important. It benefits your mind, your body, and your spirit.

Exercising at Rehab: New Activities

Boredom can be toxic to an addict or alcoholic who is early in recovery. Exercising at rehab can help you gain interest in healthy activities that don’t involve drugs and alcohol. This is very beneficial in combating boredom in those early days of sobriety.

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