Personal Fitness at Luxury Rehab

Personal fitness is one of the major components of the luxury rehab experience. Many people come into luxury rehab in pretty bad shape. Drugs and alcohol take a toll on the body. Also, in addiction, most people do not get proper nutrition or exercise. So the body is not getting what it needs, and it is also being damaged by the drugs and alcohol.

Personal fitness at luxury rehab aims to build a solid foundation for recovery by focusing on physical fitness as well as mental fitness. Personal fitness at luxury rehab is important because it sets the stage for a healthy lifestyle after treatment. Studies have shown that addicts and alcoholics who exercise and eat right have better long term success in recovery. It’s all about creating new, healthy activities and habits and getting rid of destructive tendencies.

Exercise releases endorphins, which are feel-good chemicals. This is  especially important to individuals at luxury rehab because they are often lacking in endorphins. Drugs and alcohol produce a false sense of euphoria. The brain produces a surge of “pleasure chemicals” when they are used. Over time, the brain adapts and produces fewer chemicals when drugs and alcohol are present, and even less when they are not. This is why long-term drug users develop a tolerance to drugs and alcohol over time. They find that it takes more of the drug to produce the same effect. Likewise, when they stop taking drugs and alcohol suddenly, they experience withdrawal symptoms like craving and depression. Exercise causes the body to produce pleasure chemicals, which are very low in addicts and alcoholics after the detox process. It can reduce both the duration and intensity of withdrawal symptoms.

You will have access to many ways to improve your personal fitness at luxury rehab. State of the art gym facilities and personal trainers will be at your disposal, as well as yoga classes and massage.  In addition, personal fitness, luxury rehabs include gourmet options with nutritious food and supplemental vitamins and minerals.

Personal fitness at luxury rehab aims to improve body image as well. Many people in drug treatment have low self-esteem. Low self-esteem is considered to be the number one cause of drug and alcohol addiction. Exercise can change a negative self-perception into a positive one. It can promote a healthy way of thinking about oneself, which can improve chances of recovery.

Personal fitness at luxury rehab is also part of overall holistic health. At luxury rehab, you will receive treatment for all three facets of the disease of addiction: mind, body, and spirit. Personal fitness at luxury rehab improves your physical health obviously, but it also is beneficial to your mind and spiritual health as well. Holistic medicine understands that to truly recover, you must treat the whole person. Personal fitness at luxury rehab is an integral part of overall holistic health. It sets the stage for a healthy, happy future free of the use of drugs and alcohol. Addicts who are healthy and happy in sobriety stay sober longer.