10 Things A Luxury Rehab Treatment Center Should Have

By Rhea Rosier
March 26th, 2012


Looking for a high-end treatment experience but not quite sure what to look for? Not all Luxury Rehab Treatment Centers are created equal, here are ten qualities an upscale rehab center should have.

#1. Location

Luxury rehab treatment centers are always located in a beautiful area. For instance, located on the beach in South Florida. Giving you serenity and peace from the weather and atmosphere.

#2 Transportation

Luxury Rehab Treatment Centers provide luxury transportation. Trasportation can range from private limousine to helicopter or boat services. Depending on the location of the rehabilitation center and program of choice, luxury treatment centers stop at nothing to provide top knotch transportation.  

#3 Personalization

Luxury rehab treatment centers cater to you with programs based on your individual needs; the goal is for you to have the most comfortable and elegant stay possible.

#4 Health & Nutrition

Luxury Rehab Treatment Centers have quality, fresh food available and in most cases personal chefs and catered meals. At luxury rehab centers, nutrition is importatnt to restoring your health fully for a positive road to recovery.

#5 Privacy

Luxury Rehab Treatment Centers are designed to be discreet for the benefit of high profile individuals such as pro-athletes, business executives, celebrities, politicians, etc.

#6 Accommodations

Accommodations at luxury rehab treatment centers are designed with elegance and class in mind. This “1000 thread count” “Egyptian cotton” kind of living is meant to make a beautiful and serene setting for clients.

#7 Inspiration

Luxury Rehab Treatment Centers makes it their mission to put the types of things that inspire your recovery right at your fingertips – like access to opportunities to continue your education, build healthy relationships with family, and life coaches to help you reach your personal and professional goals.

#8 Spa Treatments

Luxury Rehab Treatment Centers have spas. Not only that, but a spa experience that goes to different heights compared to the traditional pampering spa visit. Services include but are not limited to body massages, body wraps, facials, manicure, pedicures, waxing, special bathes, etc.

#9 Activities

Luxury Rehab Treatment Centers should offer unique and classy options for what to do with your spare time while in treatment. For instance, access to equine-assisted or golf therapy.

#10 Holistic Treatments

Luxury Rehab Treatment Centers use the benefits of holistic therapies such as Acupuncture, Thai Chi, Meditation and Aromatherapy to tap into the clients’ senses and instill mental clarity.

The benefits of Luxury Rehab Treatment Centers could go on and on. These are just some of the basics of what to expect from rehabilitation centers that classify themselves as luxurious. If any treatment center is lacking these few things you can be sure that they are going to be lacking in other areas.

Florida Luxury Rehab Centers

Florida Luxury Rehab Centers

By: Rhea Rosier

January 27th, 2012

Florida luxury rehab centers are different than the average luxury rehab center. Florida is home to beautiful beaches, sunny little beach towns and a laid back lifestyle that is well adjusted to elegance. Florida luxury rehab centers give someone not only luxury within the rehab center but also in the environment they are in. Due to Florida luxury rehab centers the experience in rehabilitation can include, and does, deep sea fishing, year round golfing, beach time, and so much more.

Florida luxury rehab centers give an alcoholic or addict who has lost the pleasures in life the ability to find it again. Luxury rehab is one of the most effective and elegant experiences where a recovery can begin. As we all know, when using we lose our will and want to live. We lose our want to do the things we loved to do and sometimes some of us rarely saw the outdoors due to long work schedules and long hours using. That is why Florida luxury rehab centers are different and above the rest. Florida luxury rehab centers give an addict and alcoholic the ability to find what they love about life again.

Along with that a lot of the times alcoholics and addicts think they are the only ones out there with a story like theirs. In this instance Florida luxury rehab centers allow people who were “functioning alcoholics or addicts” the ability to see they arent alone and that the disease of alcoholism and addiction are not exclusive to the homeless or poor. The disease of alcoholism and addiction effects all kinds of people and Florida luxury rehab centers remind us of this. Fellowship with someone we can relate to is an integral part of recovering and that is why Florida luxury rehabs are exclusive to the upper class, that way people can be around other people who have similar stories. Although most stories of using and drinking are very similar.

Florida luxury rehab centers give someone the ability to start living the life they have always wanted to live. Along with that they no longer have to search for happiness with tangible or monetary things. Florida luxury rehab centers allow someone with this disease to find happiness within themselves and therefore they can find happiness in all that they have. Florida luxury rehab centers are a beautiful experience of souls reawakening and eyes becoming brighter at the possibilities of life.

If you want to attend a Florida luxury rehab center and want to experience all the beauty Florida and recovery has to offer you its fairly simple. Make a decision. Decide that you want to change and then visit our website www.luxurytreatment.com today. There you can find out what life can consist of along with your Florida luxury rehab.