Differences in Private vs Public Rehabs

Differences in Private vs Public

There are many differences in private rehabs and public rehabs. At first glance, the public rehabs seem to be the better choice and in some cases they may be. Public rehabs are funded by state government and are required to treat all patients seeking care regardless of their ability to pay. Getting into a public rehab center may take a long time since they are waiting list and if you don’t have insurance it can’t make your wait even longer. Most public rehabs do not offer supervised medical-detox which means they won’t provide you with medications to alleviate the discomfort of withdrawal. The level of care you can receive in a public rehab is optimal but not personable. In public rehab you’ll experience many group therapies and in a hospital-like setting. There aren’t many intimate therapy sessions or holistic treatments happening in public rehabs. medical care for all patients. Public rehabs are more affordable but they don’t offer personalized treatment for each client that walks through their doors and at times clients can be discharged before they’re truly ready.

A private rehab is a for-profit facility that offers the same medical treatments for drug and alcohol rehab that public rehabs offer but with a smaller physician to client and therapist to client ratio for a more personalized care. Private rehabs offer onsite residences, supervised medical detox, group therapy, individual therapy, holistic drug treatments, outside activities, AA 12 Step Meetings, NA 12 Step Meetings, and much more. Each private rehab has their own pricing structure and some will accept medicaid while others only accept private insurance. If you have good insurance coverage (which should pay for a majority of your care) or have the means to fund your own treatment, a quality private rehab is probably the better choice, and offers you the best chance at sobriety. It’s important that you do your research when looking for a private rehab center because not every private rehab center is created equal. You want to invest your money, time and care into the best private rehab center possible.

A private rehab will charge more than a public rehab but it will offer comfort, private accommodation, better staff to patient ratios, more individual therapy with a trained and licensed therapist or psychologist, and are often set in beautiful and tranquil environments ideally suited to the self reflection and medications of rehab. A private rehab is also more likely to be well equipped with programs and classes very beneficial to the healing of the mind, body and spirit and opposed to just the “disease”. In private rehabs you’ll have access to amenities like the gym, yoga, meditation and other programs that contribute to the healing of each client as a whole.

When searching for a private or public rehab you want to make sure that any private rehab facility under consideration is worthy of your money, has a good reputation, and offers quality treatment programs. If it does, it is probably the best available option. If you have insurance that covers and minimizes your total contribution into the treatment costs, you should certainly seek out a private rehab. Of course any treatment is better than no treatment, and if your financial status does not allow for participation in a better private rehab, you need to evaluate the available options and select the best public rehabilitation center. The best private rehabs are far better than anything else offered, and if you have the money or coverage, they are well worth the investment in your future sobriety and happiness. Do your research, ask around (ask your doctor, ask the local health board) and get the best treatment you can reasonably afford. The best public rehab is far better than the worst for profit, but in general and on average; you get what you pay for. The main differences in public vs. private rehab are not necessarily what they offer but really how much they cost.