What makes our luxury rehab program different?

What makes our luxury rehab program different?

There are many things that make our luxury rehab program different from traditional treatment. Luxury rehab programs are designed to allow you to recover in the utmost comfort. Our luxury rehab program offers luxurious accommodations and amenities in a resort-style setting, all the while offering the most up to date addiction treatment protocols.

Traditional rehab environments offer treatment in drab, hospital like settings. They employ a philosophy aimed at treating the highest number of patients and focus less on individualized care. However, every client is different, and sometimes this standardized program ignores the specific needs of individuals.

Our luxury rehab program is different. Instead of creating a standard program for all clients, our luxury rehab program offers personalized care aimed specifically at the needs of each individual client. The program is designed during the intake process and it is continually reevaluated throughout your stay.

Our luxury rehab program understands that the same treatment protocols don’t work for everyone. Our luxury rehab program is able to provide a wide range of treatment options. Cognitive behavioral therapy, holistic treatment protocols, career and relationship coaching, and trauma resolution are just a few of the options available in our luxury rehab program.

Many traditional rehab programs require that you share accommodations with several other people as well as perform menial tasks like cleaning and cooking. The lodging is usually utilitarian, and does not focus on ambiance or comfort.

Our luxury rehab program understands the need for a soothing, calm environment while you focus completely on your recovery. It aims to provide the most comfortable, serene conditions that eliminate the stressors of the outside world. You will have private accommodations as well as chef, cleaning, and laundry services.

Clients at traditional rehab programs are usually given one-size-fits-all treatment and very little one-on-one time. Most of the therapy is given in groups, and clients must participate even if the particular group topic doesn’t apply to them. Many hours of valuable treatment time are wasted this way, and sometimes the specific problems of individuals are overlooked because there is so little one-on-one time.

Because Our luxury rehab program caters to fewer clients, they are able to offer more one on one attention. Besides the one-on-one time with your therapist, the nurses, techs, and other staff will be able to offer you individual attention. If there is a problem or concern with your stay, staff members will be able to respond immediately at any time of day or night! In our luxury rehab program, you are the first priority.

By offering more one-on-one time our staff is able to direct your needs directly, identify problem areas immediately, and alter your treatment plan to give you the best possible care. Our luxury rehab program is designed for people who have addiction issues, but who may not have the educational, financial or legal issues faced by people in less expensive programs. They certainly need help for their addictions, but they may not need the same kind of help as people at lower income levels.

If you or a loved one are in need of luxury drug and alcohol rehab please give our addiction specialist a call 24/7 at 800-845-6827