Luxury Rehab: What to Expect

What to expect at a Luxury Rehab

Luxury Rehab: What to Expect

Regardless of how luxurious a rehab is everyone can expect the same things when they go. The only difference between luxury rehab and traditional rehab is the amenities. So what is there to expect when you decide to go to luxury rehab? First of there are no locks on the doors. You are free to leave luxury rehab at any time.

The first step in luxury rehab and all rehabs is detox. Some luxury rehabs have their own in-house detox and others don’t. It is much easier if you can find a luxury rehab that has detox as well as residential treatment that way you don’t have to do all the moving around that going to a separate detox would require. You will have to go through a withdrawal process during detox. The withdrawal process at luxury rehab, you can expect to be virtually painless. Medications are given when need to make the withdrawal process at detox. So expect your detox to be comfortable but remember it is still not pleasant to be detox.

The next thing you can expect at luxury rehab is residential treatment. With residential treatment you get what you pay for and what your insurance can afford. The type of facilities, amenities and what you can do all depends on the cost. At luxury rehab you are paying the extra money for the luxurious amenities such as private transportation, gourmet food, a gym, beautiful amenities, spa days etc. While all of this is important and things you should expect at a luxury rehab which you are paying for-you are also paying to stay sober. So at luxury rehab you should also expect a top notch qualified and professional staff. Education about addiction and alcoholism is a core part of all treatment and rehab programs, luxury rehab is no different. The programs differ from treatment center to treatment center but in general the whole point is to get you to look at your addiction honestly and realistically and to change your attitude about your drug and alcohol abuse.

At luxury rehab you will have a private therapist and will be working with someone who will design you with a unique program that is specifically catered to you and your personal needs. Whether you are business professional, executive, professional athlete, performer, or celebrity the program will be catered to what you will need in order to stay sober. You can expect to get everything you need in order to stay sober so you never have to go to luxury rehab again.

Also expect luxury rehab to keep your confidentiality at the utmost of importance. Being discreet and confidential is one of the bonuses of more private and luxury rehabs. They are more exclusive and therefore are more catered to people of higher statuses.

The main thing you should expect is of yourself to attempt to get as much of you can out the experience in order to stay sober-that’s the whole point right?

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