Private Services at Luxury Treatment Center

Private Services at Luxury Treatment Center


Private Services at Luxury Treatment Center

The private services at luxury treatment center are a cut above the average service you would find at the at a more traditional treatment center. At a luxury treatment center you are paying for the added benefit of private services. Private services at luxury treatment center can include anything from personal training, private nurse or doctor, private transportation, and private residences.

Luxury treatment centers realize that privacy is one of the most important aspects for high profile clients so that is why they are usually smaller, centralized programs with not too many clients at any given time.

Private Personal Training

Luxury treatment center offers personal training in a private setting for those clients who want to stay in tip top shape. Personal training includes working one on one with a certified trainer who can help a client with a new weight loss goal or maintain the body they already have.

Private Medical Staff

Private services at luxury treatment also include the medical staff. Each client at luxury treatment center will have their own private nurse and doctor who will work with them on their medications and treatment plan. With a private nurse and doctor each client can get the care they need, deserve and that is uniquely designed for them. No one person is alike and having a personal nurse or doctor allows for each client to have a program and medical staff that is aware of their specific needs and wants.

Private Transportation

Private services at luxury treatment also include private transportation. The private transportation at luxury treatment centers include being transported in private vehicles. Clients will either be transported in a limo or other luxury vehicle by a chauffer. Private transportation is one of the biggest differences between luxury treatment and traditional treatment centers. It is usually the norm to be transported in vans with other clients during your rehab stay but luxury clients will be privately chauffeured to and from treatment. With luxury treatment you get your own private limo with your own private driver which can allow you to feel more at peace while also helping with keeping the confidentiality of you and your stay at luxury treatment center.

Private Residencies

Private services at luxury treatment centers also include your accomodations. Each client is given a highly discreet and gorgeous house to stay in where they will have all the privacy and luxury amenities of a real home. This is one of the biggest and most important private services luxury treatment has to offer because the residence in which clients stay are where they will spend their time when they are not in group, therapy, exercising, enjoying a day pass or one of our relaxing holistic services like massage or chiropractic care. Private services at a luxury treatment center allow for above average accommodations for the clients.

Private services at luxury treatment centers provide a more comfortable experience to drug rehab. Having private services at rehab can make your stay more comfortable and private but it’s important to know that going to rehab is not about having everything your way or being on vacation. You are going to rehab to learn a new way of life without drugs or alcohol and sometimes getting out of your comfort zone is better for you so if you are going to a luxury treatment center be prepared to be challenged. Addiction is life and death, it is not a game so although having many private and personal services available to you sound great, it’s no cake walk.

If you or a loved one are in need of luxury drug and alcohol rehab please give our addiction specialist a call 24/7 at 800-845-6827.