Fun activities in rehab

Fun Activities In Rehab

Fun activities in rehab

Most people don’t know this, but rehab can be a lot of fun. Sure your main purpose there is to get better, but once and a while you need to blow off some steam. Plus, learning to have fun while sober is part of the process. The best way to start doing that is in the controlled environment of rehab. Here are some of my favorite fun activities in rehab:

Fun activities in rehab: Beach

One of the best things about going to rehab in Florida is that the beach is right there! You can soak in the rays, play volleyball, or jump in the ocean. Many places even offer meditation or yoga on the beach, and there are always 12 step meetings you can attend, right on the sand!

Fun activities in rehab: Bowling

One of my favorite fun activities in rehab was bowling. Before I came, I didn’t even like to bowl, and I definitely wasn’t any good at it. Once I gave it a chance, though, it was so much fun. Usually we would go to a bowling meeting that had a 12-step meeting going on. It was a great way to let off steam and meet other people in the community.

Fun activities in rehab: Golf

I don’t golf myself, but for many people, golf can be a great way to relax after an intense week of therapy. Florida has some of the most beautiful courses in the world!

Fun activities in rehab: Movie Night

I don’t remember a lot of movies I watched while I was using and drinking. I was so out of it, I hardly ever even made it to the end of the movie. Watching a movie in the plush seats of the luxurious movie theater near the rehab was an awesome experience.

Fun activities in rehab: Weekend Pass

One of the most fun activities in rehab were the things I got to do on weekend pass. Every rehab is different, but usually you can become eligible for a weekend pass within the first couple weeks of treatment. You are able to leave for a set amount of time with an approved person. Usually this person is a member of your family or your sponsor. On pass you can do anything you want to (within reason). Obviously, you can’t drink or use drugs, but you can have fun with your friends and family even while you are in rehab.

Fun activities in rehab: Pool Day

Often treatment centers in Florida have a pool and/or hot tub that you can use on your free time. Luckily, in Florida it’s warm enough to swim year round! I used to get up early to swim laps or relax poolside at the end of the day. I went to treatment in November, so while the rest of the country was bundled up, I was getting a tan.

Fun activities in rehab are really important because you must be able to have fun without drugs and alcohol. Take my word for it, it is possible to have fun while sober. In fact, if recovery wasn’t more fun than drinking and using, I wouldn’t be sober today!

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