Confidentiality in Luxury Treatment Centers

Confidentiality in Luxury Treatment Centers

You have been taking care of others your whole life: family, friends, employees, your community. You take on the world and are happy to do so. Sometimes, all that stress gets to be too much and you find yourself turning to self-destructive ways of coping. At first, it’s a glass of wine in the evening or taking something for your nerves.

After a while though, you feel like you cannot manage without these. You know that you need and want to get away from it all and learn to heal and relax. You may even be aware that there is treatment for just that. And you may be worried about your privacy. You don’t want others to know your private pain and struggle.

You can relax and take comfort in knowing that there is help available and that it is strictly confidential. Confidentiality is two-fold, really. First, there are policies and practices established to protect your privacy and confidentiality.

Confidentiality and HIPAA

If you are employed, you have the freedom to take medical leave, also afforded to you by law and, just like any other medical information, going into treatment is protected by the confidentiality clause outlined in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) passed in 1996. The HIPAA Privacy Rule provides federal protections for personal health information held by covered employees and gives them an array of rights with respect to that information.

Moreover, it has been long recognized that special considerations for confidentiality are needed for health care organizations that offer federally-funded drug or alcohol rehabilitation services. So, over a quarter century before HIPAA was passed, the Comprehensive Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation Act of 1970 was passed, which specifically calls for discretion and confidentiality when it comes to those seeking alcohol and/or drug treatment.

Your colleagues, business partners, employers, and employees will only know whatever it is you choose to tell them. You may be going away for a vacation, or a business meeting, or to attend to a family affair or celebration

Highly Confidential Therapeutic Setting

Secondly, confidentiality refers to the one of the standards of excellence that the staff at a luxury treatment center has when it comes to respecting your need for privacy. The only one who will know that you are in treatment is you and whomever you choose to tell. That said, even your family members will be unaware of you entering a program. Staff does not divulge your personal information unless you have given explicit and express consent for them to do so.

Going to treatment is like a destination getaway for relaxation, serenity, and healing. Imagine your own personal oasis where you are pampered and have all your needs provided for.

Addiction recovery doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. A luxury treatment center provides private rehabilitation programs that are designed to meet your specific requests. The goal is to provide you with your own personal retreat while encouraging your growth towards the highest level of personal change.

When an individual of your standing thinks about checking in to a private rehab, you need to have trust in the fact that your personal information will be kept completely confidential. Rest assured that your personal privacy is top priority. You will never have to worry about the prying eyes of others while recovering in a luxurious executive drug rehab. It is a discreet and nurturing setting.











Practicing Serenity in Luxury Rehab

Practicing Serenity in Luxury Rehab

Rehab can be overwhelming at first. It’s a new environment, you’re around a lot of strangers, and you are expected to share intimate details of your life. In addition, many clients have concerns about work, family life, and relationships outside of rehab which may be upsetting their serenity.

Practicing serenity in luxury rehab is an important part of the process. In the outside world, things happened that upset us, and our response was generally turning to drugs and alcohol to change the negative feelings. In order to recover, we must learn to deal with things that upset us and make us uncomfortable without turning to chemical comfort. Practicing serenity in luxury rehab allows us to learn coping skills that we can then apply to the outside world. The ultimate goal of recovery is to maintain our serenity no matter what is going on around us.

Practicing serenity in luxury rehab starts first by becoming aware of the emotions we are feeling. Instead of focusing on the situation or outside event that is upsetting our serenity, we are taught to look inwards and try to discover why we are having this reaction. Usually, the emotions we feel in response to an event are rooted in fear: Fear of what others think about us, fear of what we think of ourselves, fear of financial insecurity, fear of success, fear of failure, etc. Practicing serenity in luxury rehab begins when we examine and identify the root cause of our feelings.

Once we examine the cause of our feelings, it is easier to apply coping strategies to our thoughts. One way of practicing serenity in luxury rehab is to have some thoughts handy that help you accept situations that are out of your control. Not every statement will work for everyone, so spend some time finding some that work for you. Here are some to start you off:

  • This is really hard, but I can handle it. I’ve been through worse before.
  • I can’t do anything about this until Monday, but I can decide to stop worrying about it right now.
  • This sucks, but it’s only temporary.
  • My circumstances don’t define me, I do.

Another part of practicing serenity in luxury rehab is participating in activities that help us connect to our inner selves. These can be things like meditation, yoga, massage, and journaling. In addition, your therapist may suggest that you cut off contact with outside people or situations that are upsetting you until you get better at practicing serenity in luxury rehab. It may not seem like much, but simply not being reminded of a situation that is out of your control can help your serenity immensely. Also, having some distance from a problem often makes you more effective at recognizing what you CAN do to help or change it. Recognizing when to take action and taking it are part of practicing serenity at luxury rehab.

Practicing serenity in luxury rehab is important because the art of facing the uncontrollable without being overcome by it needs to be practiced.

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