5 Reasons Why You Should Go to Detox

5 Reasons Why You Should Go to Detox

5 Reasons Why You Should Go to Detox

Because of many false beliefs about drug use and drinking many people think they don’t need detox or even a treatment center. Some of these misconceptions can actually keep you from seeking out detox. Knowing why you should go to detox and smashing those false beliefs may be the factor in your choice to break free from your addiction.

Here are 5 reasons why you should go to detox:

1.       “You actually cannot stop drinking or doing drugs anytime you want.”

Sometimes willpower isn’t enough for someone to stop doing drugs and drinking. What a lot of people don’t realize is that the longer they use the more their brain changes. The chemical changes in the brain make it extremely difficult to stop because it causes cravings for drugs and alcohol. So you can’t just say that you can do it on your own. If you really want to stop doing drugs and alcohol you should probably go to detox. At least it is a safe bet that you will be able to stay sober in detox. It is not so certain if you do it on your own. Detox is very comfortable too; in fact that is the whole point of it.

2.       “Detox will keep you medically safe.”

There are a lot of drugs out there that are very dangerous to stop “cold turkey” or in other words without the help of drug taper. Alcohol and benzodiazepines are probably some of the worst because in a worst case scenario the detox from those two things could be fatal. This is why you should go to detox. At detox they can medically taper you off drugs and alcohol with medication so you are safe and as stable and comfortable as possible. Doing it on your own not only will be uncomfortable but is highly dangerous.

3.       “Going to detox is really doing something about your addiction.”

Addiction is a disease and it is a disease of the brain but that doesn’t mean that nothing can be done about it. Going to detox and even drug and alcohol rehab afterwards can treat the disease of addiction. Detox facilities specialize in treating exactly what you want to get rid of. There are always ways to fight the disease of addiction and going to detox to begin the process of getting sober is one of them.

4.       “Detox will get you clean regardless if you have the motivation to do so.”

This is a huge reason to go to detox. Even if you enter into detox and change your mind and get strong cravings to get high or drink again the facility can keep you safe and help you work through it. You don’t have to white knuckle staying clean or really even think about it because you are in safe and enclosed comfortable environment that will do everything to keep you from wanting to use again.

5.       “You have hit rock bottom.”

Every addict and alcoholic reaches a point in their using and drinking where they just cannot do it anymore. They feel hopeless and helpless and the consequences seem to be looming right overhead. Going to detox can quickly and easy give you hope again and this is why you should go. Hitting rock bottom isn’t easy but it is the window of opportunity for you to take the action to change your life. And it begins with going to detox.

It doesn’t matter why you should go to detox as much as it matters that you actually do. Whatever your reasoning is for going use it to help you change your life, don’t let your addiction tell you not to.

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